Ring size for wedding in hot country

Hi everyone,

I need a little advice about our wedding rings. My ring is beautiful and they sized my ring size for both my engagement ring and my wedding ring. Since getting my engagement ring resized I have started doing a lot of exercise (standard behaviour for a bride to me) and I have kept taking the ring off and on. As a result my finger has got a bit tubbier so I have just left it on now and it seems to be a bit better. But, my wedding ring feels the perfect size when it is on, it is just getting it over my knuckle that is a bit tricky. We are getting married in Cyprus in a couple of months and I am worried my fingers will swell because of the heat and because of flying. I obviously want it to go on easily during the ceremony so think I should get it made a little larger but also want it to be safe on my finger. Has anyone else had this worry with getting married abroad? My fingers seem to change so much, thanks for any ideas,



  • MrsCallowMrsCallow Posts: 348

    Hi Becky,

    Im marrying in Spain....I wouldn´t worry at all.

    If you are worried, maybe get your ring or rings resized by a 1/2? As a 1/2 size isnt much bigger at all...although i know some jewellers arent so keen on doing this.

    But i do think you will be absolutely fine if they fit you ok wearing them for normal day to day wear image x

  • Jo35Jo35 Posts: 305

    Hi Becky I had mine made a size bigger and im glad I did ,then had it resized when I got back ,  just make sure its ok to make it smaller as some rings you cant



  • LoveShoesLoveShoes Posts: 67

    I really wouldn't worry about it. Although I went slightly bigger on size with my wedding ring, as my engagement ring holds it in place anyway.

  • Becky1983Becky1983 Posts: 2

    Ah thanks everyone, really helpful. 


    becky xx

  • annabel6annabel6 Posts: 13

    you shouldn't  worry! Mine is  slightly bigger so the summer  it is just my size and in winter a bit lose

  • Angel5Angel5 Posts: 1

    umm.. I suggest you to look at this site whitedahliaweddings, I seen that's site have much idea for ring size. image

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