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Tuscan wedding planners

Hi All,

I'm trying to plan my wedding in Tuscany for next summer. I'm trying my best to organise myself but is proving very difficult and so am after recommendations of wedding planners in the area?! 

Oh and any venue recommendations would be greatly appreciated for a wedding reception outside for c.100-120 guests. Thinking of a villa/castle/farmhouse in the Tuscan countryside... 




  • JulyBugJulyBug Posts: 420

    Hi Katy,

    im getting married next month at Villa Catignano just outside of Siena. It's a villa and can sleep up to 80 people with two big halls. It's beautiful, worth looking at! I can also recommend a couple of other venues we visited - Castello di Leonina and Castello di Meleto. They were both lovely and would fit your criteria.

    We are using Olive in Love as our planner. I've also had recommendations for WedInItaly. I would def recommend getting a planner, we started trying to do it ourselves but it's a total headache! Good luck!

  • Katy38Katy38 Posts: 3

    Hello! Thank you so much for the recommendations. Meleto is actually on our list of venues to visit and I definitely have a look at the other ones your recommend as well. Thank you so much!! I just read your planning thread - and so funny reading as we have a very similar dilemma on where to get married (i've lived a long time in Australia, my other half has lived all over Asia, we currently live in the UK and I'm half Italian....) Made me also excited that we've picked Italy so thank you!

    All the best for your wedding next month. The venue is beautiful so no doubt you'll have an incredible day.

    If you have any more tips/do's/don'ts please let me know. they are HUGELY appreciated!! 

  • LoveShoesLoveShoes Posts: 67


    Such exciting times planning a wedding in Italy.  I really wish I could do it all again.  

    I used Lisa at Hitched in Italy -  She's English and based in the UK but specialises in weddings in Tuscany.  We got married near Lucca and it was incredible.  

    Good Luck

  • JulyBugJulyBug Posts: 420

    Oh fab, Meleto was very nice - they had really stunning gardens. It just felt a bit more 'commercial' because they obviously have a lot of weddings there and also it's a functioning winery and they have tours etc. I wanted to have total privacy and the other venues were a bit better for that. But there are SO many amazing venues, we were really spoilt for choice. Are you planning a trip out there to visit them? 

    We did all the venue searching on our own, found our venue and then got a planner after that. In a way it was good because we've paid a lot less than we would have but in other ways it just means you're doing a lot more yourself. 

    Are you getting married legally over there? All of the paperwork is a total HEADACHE - also if you're half Italian then you need to check if you're on the AIRE register (you can call the consulate or email them here) because if so you have to do everything via the consulate. We had a total panic on that because Rob is half Italian but in the end he wasn't registered so it's all ok. I would def get a planner to do all of the paperwork, as it's super complicated and if either of you don't speak Italian then you need to have an interpreter with you anyway, so the planner can organise all of that. 

    I think the main tip I have is - don't panic! Everything is super relaxed and slow over there so I've had to really manage my expectations in terms of what information I'm going to get when...we're still trying to get basic confirmations eg. timings for the day, when the buses will take people to the church and villa etc etc. I'm sure it'll all work out on the day but it's a bit stressful.image 

    Even with all that though - it's definitely the best choice!image x

  • LoveShoesLoveShoes Posts: 67

    I know what you mean about 'commercial' JulyBug.  Some of the venues I looked at seemed to churn out weddings, which was definitely not what we wanted. I've heard that if you get married in some of the caribbean resorts, there could be 4-5 weddings in one day... Crazy!

  • maika83maika83 Posts: 30

    Hi July Bug,

    i'm getting married next year in Italy too!!! so excited can't wait!


    i was thinking of hiring a wedding planning agency based in Italy mostly because of the can get quite frustrating!

    a friend of mine hired an agency that provides organizational support for both tourist services and destination weddings..they work all over Italy! and most of all english mothertongue speakers!

    let me know... i think they are really stylish!


  • Hi Katy

    We have used Francesca from efffetti and she has been great. Reasonable cost too.

    Good luck and all the best,

    Katie x

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