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Hi all. H2b and I are planning our wedding for summer 2017. We are split between Cyprus and Turkey. We have a budget of £9000.00 and want the ceremony and reception to take place at the hotel we choose.

Our main problem is that we want it to be realistic for our family and friends to attend. We estimate between 30 - 40 guests all of whom also want to stay at the same hotel for 2 weeks preferably all inclusive. what would be a realistic budget considering it will be in the summer holidays? At the moment we can only see prices for next year and a lot of rooms have already sold out so its hard to know if the prices are accurate.

Any recommendations of hotels or who to book through would be very much appreciated. Also any ideas of how much guests paid for their holidays.



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    Sorry and also how far in advance we can book. Thanks

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    Hi Gemmaimage

    Not sure how much help this will be as it was 2008 but just to give you a rough idea - my brother got married in Paphos, Cyprus in the middle of July. They stayed at Athena Beach Hotel and had the ceremony, meal and reception there with some photos on the beach. I think there was about 30-40 guests there too and I'm sure the wedding cost them under £6000 including their holiday. However, most guests stayed at other hotels (including us) Athena Beach was a taxi away from the main centre which is where we stayed in a 3 star hotel which was basic but clean. We paid about £650 each for 2 weeks bed and breakfast. 

    I think with Cyprus as much as it's lovely it can work out quite expensive so it's maybe a good option to tell your friends and family where you plan to stay but let them know you don't expect them to stay at the same hotel - after all you want to have your wedding in a lovely hotel but not everyone can afford lovely hotel prices - especially all inclusive. 

    Our best man is marrying my friend in Cyprus in 2018 and are holidaying there in Sept this year to see what they think of the hotel they've been looking at - which seems to be pretty expensive but we will tackle that when it comes haha. I will let you know how they get on.

    As far as I can remember you can't book that far in advance through travel agents - not sure where you would stand if you were to contact the hotel directly.

    Hope that's a little help!image

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    Hi Gemma,

    I am a wedding planner in Crete and I work for the wedding department of a specialist tour operator to Greece and Cyprus. My thoughts are:

    If you are getting married in 2017 you are giving your friends and family plenty of time to save up, but bear in mind the unexpected does happen... I also got married abroad and in the middle of planning one of my closest friends announced she was pregnant and would not be able to fly.

    Choose a resort where there are other hotels nearby that maybe cater for different budgets and needs... those with small children may prefer self catering if there are bottles to be made up etc.

    Book with a wedding planner that has the support of a tour operator - many tour operators offer discounted prices for group bookings. These tour operators can contact the hotel of your choice on your behalf and negotiate rates (in some cases with early booking discount and so on). 

    You can message me privately if there is anything you want to ask, and I can tell you as well who I work for (they have a good programme in Cyprus).

    Good Luck!


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