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Hi Ladies

Hoping someone can help...I was married in Cuba in April and I am well aware that I could be waiting up to 12 months for my marriage certificate the thing is I'm now wondering will HMRC, DVLA etc expect to see my marriage certificate in order to change my claim for tax credits and update my NI and Tax details I've informed them that my partner is living with me but when I asked the girl on the phone about changing my marital status she wasn't much help and just said fill forms in for new claim! Anyone had experiences of this that can advise ASAP xx


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    Can't help you I'm afraid! But how was it?!!! 


    Ive struggled paying in some cheques we got! As we can't change the names on our bank account until we have the certificate so at the moment the cheques won't be accepted! Grrr

  • It was absolutely amazing image perfect! How was yours?

    I've just filled a form in online for HMRC  to update  all records so hoping they won't ask for certificate it didn't specify they needed it, I might change my name and title via deed poll so I can change bank etc before certificate arrives then I won't have to have certificate translated.

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    Ours was amazing too thank you! Want to do it all over again lol, we only got back last week !

    Have you had your reception yet? 


    ah that sounds like A good idea actually! There was a couple at our hotel who got married the day before us and the day we were flying home they  actually went to the notary in holguin to collect their wedding certificate! The wedding coordinator said she couldn't be 100% sure they would let them take it but they did, now I wish we got ours too lol, they are obviously all done though! It's just the postal service that takes forever! X

  • Yeah we had our reception beginning of May was more stressful than wedding lol! We had an amazing night though and was fab getting to wear dress again although I got changed once everyone arrived as I didn't want dress getting ruined (planning on selling).

    I wasn't aware that you could collect it either otherwise we might have done that as well, quite exciting not knowing when it will arrive will be a nice surprise one day lol think it might be cheaper to go deed poll route as not sure about costs associated with translating certificate as has to be done by official organisation. x

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    I updated my details online for HMRC (i don't live in the country, so don't pay tax or anything) and they updated my name without them seeing a marriage certificate. I was quite surprised really, as i expected it to be more strict. So surprised, that i called them to double check and the girl confirmed it had been changed, no questions asked. It may be different if you actually claim things off them though, i'm not sure!

  • Thanks I filled the form in online last night and got an email to confirm it had been received so now just need to wait and see, I've sent my joint claim forms for tax credits off in my married name so now just got to wait and see! 

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