We have just had our thomson confirmation through for our wedding next year in cyprus

we asked for 1st or 2nd june as first 2 choices and because of how our guests are arriving we could only do the 27th May otherwise. 

sadly my fiancee grandad passed away on that day this year and now he doesn't want it.

Confirmation just came through..... 27th May

Worried now because we could probably squeeze and do 26th or the 3rd but guests would be leaving early next morning or arriving night before on those dates.

Any idea what happens now? Can we change?


  • Beverley05Beverley05 Posts: 49

    Hi Jade,

    Don't accept it. I find it hard to believe that a year in advance they can not give you the date you want.

    I take it you have paid them a deposit so you can't go with a different wedding planner?

    Good Luck!


  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,342 New bride

    im using a wedding planner and on the same day i new date and time she asked me what date i wanted and i got and picked the time i wanted too and they have been so helpful too.

  • jade39jade39 Posts: 3

    Thanks I will phone can't believe it either a year in advance seems crazy thanks for your help though 

  • MrsT-to-beMrsT-to-be Posts: 113

    If they can't change it, you could always consider getting married on 27th to honour his grandad's life. I'm sure his loss is very raw at the moment but in a years time your H2b may be ready to make it a happy date to remember 

  • Nat 1479Nat 1479 Posts: 145

    I agree with MrsT-to-be, think it would be touching to have it on that day and a nice way of honouring H2B's grandad. 

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