wedding at grand bahia principe tulum - where to start?!?

Evening all image

My partner and i went to GBP tulum last year on holiday where he proposed (and concieved our first child - due in 4wks!!!!!) Naturally we want to return to get married there. Im juwt not sure how it all works

I know we have lwgal stuff to do etc but i mean what happens at the beginning? Do we book it all through travel agents? Do we book guest rooms and flights for them or can people book for as and when they want to fly etc? Do we gwt discount as there would be 40guests!!! So quite a big party!

Anyone going through the process or who has done it that can explain for me would be great! image



  • Melissa28Melissa28 Posts: 53

    Go through a travel agent to start you off :)

    They take care of all of the legal parts and mostly will give you an amazing wedding. We're getting married in April 2016 in Cancun at the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort and kick-started everything with Thomas Cook who have taken care of everything so far and put us in touch with a wedding coordinator at the resort. Since then we have had calls with her and exchange emails on a regular basis. The woman is my life saver. You'll know as a bride it's a big thing to put your entire wedding into the hands of someone you don't know several thousand miles away.

    The only thing I would tell you to be wary of, is don't be fooled by the overall cost. If you want the most basic package then you should be okay, but once you start adding small touches, be prepared for the costs to start jumping up. For example, my fiancé and I want a private dinner reception. This is costing us extra. Flowers for more than just the bride and groom cost extra, if you want a fancier cake, this will cost extra...

    We have 30 guests going and each booking gets a 5% discount applied.

    Hope this helps! :) x

  • Hi Claire211,

    congratulations on your wedding and new baby!

    We have just booked the Bahia Principe for our wedding next Aug, so super excited and also kind of nervous as not really sure what else I should be doing now at this stage. The main guests have all been notified and given details, costs etc. Discounts applied so their deposits just need to be paid. To be honest so far it's been relatively easy, Thomas Cook booking via am independent travel agent. The hardst part for choosing a hotel that suited us and our guests. Let me know how you get on, when are you planning on going? 


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