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wedding at Hotel Louis Phaethon Beach Club paphos

Hi i have just booked my wedding ( renewal of vows, we legally marrying this year ) at the Hotel Louis Phaethon Beach Club paphos! Was just wondering if anyone has had or is having their weddig there? Or has been there thanks image


  • Hi 

    I have stayed here on holiday and its beautiful with fantastic staff, facilities and food. I did see the odd wedding during our stay when we were at the pool but tbh it happens so often people don't pay much attention and just let the bride and groom get on with it in peace.

    I am booking my wedding soon. Just waiting till this Oct for Thomson to release holidays for 2017. I've been doing plenty of research and have actually been in touch with the hotel's wedding coordinator Mattheos.

    We are hoping to secure an afternoon wedding so that we can have Lunch in the main restaurant as part of our all inclusive for our meal.there are options to have a private meal that you would need to pay for separately and pay for table service. You can just use your AI and any guests that are not staying at the hotel can pay for day passes for €69pp and they can set u all up on the balcony area so it's slightly more private but it would mean still having to use the main restaurant buffet. There are loads of options regarding food and tbh to save costs I'm totally happy with the AI options as I know how yummy the food is there and the amazing variety they have.

    Hope you have a lovely wedding. Keep us posted on any info you find out x 

  • Hi Stephanie


    I have sent you a message.

    Brenda x

  • Thanks so much. We were also just going to use our AL for meals but wedding coordinator said you cant eat outdoors so we would need to book helios bar and gala menu. Gala menus dont look great tbh! so is it just a case of eating in the main restaurant then having a seperate seating area set up on the balcony? Or can you take your food out there? Xxx

  • Hi Stephanie

    I have filmed weddings where receptions were outside using the AI. Guests just go in and help themselves and bring the plates outside. Think the B & G have theirs carried though. But not certain about this. ;)  I know this because I have filmed speeches etc. there.

    The hotel just set up your tables outside a little away from the rest of the hotel guests and then dress the chairs with bows, and the tables with your decorations, favours etc. Matteous will be able to help you I am sure.

    Brenda x

  • Hi ladies. Looking for some advice.  Love this hotel and really want to stay here and get married here july 2017. Was thinking about booking holiday then wedding separately. Can I just contact hotel about wedding?  Was wondering if could book separate area for wedding party (30) but still use all inclusive for food and drink but would like to pay extra for some bottle of champagne on tables.  Or if u could book seperate area with bbq (and rough price). Any help would be much appreciated.  ♡♡♡ x

  • Kim106Kim106 Posts: 1


    we have just booked our holiday for July 2017. I really don't know where to start loads of questions I want to ask. How long is it before they get back to you with a date For the wedding, what happens next? Do you get a list of cakes, flowers etc that you can choice from?


    kim x

  • Gemma298Gemma298 Posts: 1

    Hi, we have booked a wedding for May 2018at this hotel and alot of our guests are staying in different hotels and we r paying for them to come in for the day. We were wanting a private-ish venue for meal and night time and was wondering if anyone knew if they did this if you used the buffet option or if you need to pay on top of the day time pass for the gala menu? 

    Also dnt know how much wedding decor to take with us for the tables or if they will have a lot there? Any tips or knowledge would be highly appreciated 

    Thanks x

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