hello ladies.

We are now at the mine field of trying to book our photographer. I really like the bros work, but im confused about what is confused as its not clear if the photos are edited? I am really struggling to compare prices and know whats good value - how did you go about this, what price did you pay approx and for how long. Does anyone have any recomendations? 

Also I am thinking approx 4 hours. I hour getting ready and going to the clostiers. 1 -1/2 hour for the ceremony and some family shots. The remaining time some shots about sorrento and us getting on the boat to our venue? Were thinking no photographer on the 40 min boat trip as we want the time just to be us?

what do you all think?


Its SORRENTO in italy, forgot to put that in originally oops


Thanks xxx


  • Hello,

    I would be willing to photograph your wedding for £400 (+ travel) feel free to contact me for more information and my website can be found below.



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