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I am getting married in Sorrento in August 2016. I have booked through Thomsons. I have been looking at photographers and I'm not overly keen on the two that Thomsons have recommended. They just seem too posed and a little cheesey for my liking. I have narrowed it down to a few and was just wondering if anyone was able to provide me with any feedback on Adamo Morgese, Francesco Quaglia and J Hales Fotographia.

Thank you x


  • MrsNewton2BeMrsNewton2Be Posts: 204

    Hi Lois.

    Congrats on your wedding! I get married in Sorrento in June 2016.  

    I was also very picky about photographers and it was the topic of a heated debate between me and the other half as i'm very fussy!

    I can't really give feedback about anyone that I have used however I decided to go with Francesco De Tito.  I loved his work and he is also reasonably priced too.  Have a look and see what you think. I also like Alfonso Longobardi but he was way too expensive.

    Difficult to decide isn't it.  I also really liked Umberto Daniello, however a previous bride sent me her photos as she wasn't that chuffed with them and they were very different to the website. Its def worth asking about. They sometimes have facebook pages where they post work too. image


  • Alex-Alex- Posts: 39

    Hi Lois! 


    have you ever thought about flying somebody over? I have just got back from shooting a wedding in Santorini, and I shoot weddings full time. I am the exact opposite to posed, completely candid and natural. Let me know if you would be interested and we can talk about your budget etc as I would love to shoot your wedding! My website is:

    If you are going to get married in an amazing scenic place, then photos are important. 


    Pop me an email at: [email protected] and we can talk about what I can offer you! 



  • Hi, 


    I am looking at booking Domenico Costabile. His pictures are amazing. Check him out. x

  • FrancineFrancine Posts: 1

    Hi, we got married in Sorrento in May and used Adamo Morgese - I can't recommend him enough! We looked at the other two you're looking at as well plus a few others, but just really loved Adamo's style, his prices are competitive and the packages fitted in with what we wanted. He's so helpful and flexible, fast responses on email too which helps when you're doing everything over email. He was great to have around on the day, really lovely guy, not intrusive at all and everyone liked him. His style is reportage which we love, and we had a few posed family shots too. He was with us for most of the day - arrived an hour before the ceremony for some getting ready shots and stayed throughout dinner until after sunset at about 8.30pm. We'd only booked him for 4 hours but he was happy to stay a couple of extra hours to capture the sunset - which was stunning! We took a walk around some of the old streets of Sorrento after the ceremony for about an hour - I really recommend building in some time for this if you can, these are some of our favourite photos and it was nice to have some time just the two of us (plus Adamo!) right after we got married. The photos are fantastic, we love them so much! I'll add in a few of our faves below so you can see. I hope this helps and congratulations! :-)


  • Chloe16Chloe16 Posts: 83

    Awww beautiful photo.

    There are lots of photographers from Italy on


  • hi, look at this photografer! He is based in Salerno so it's perfect for you 

    I think he is very original, the pics are fantastic !!!



    Congrats on your wedding! Amalfi coast is a perfect place to get merried !!!

  • Hi Future brides!

    Im Megan!im getting married in Italy in April!

    ive chosen Italy - Rome as my perfect place for my wedding!

    actually it was quite impossible to organise it myself, I adore Italy and travel often here, but its a complete disaster when you need to organise smth here, especially such a big event as wedding,

    so i read in one of the forums that it was better to find a wedding planner, so I did so, and i dont regret at all! She did everything for me and I wasnt mad looking for my suppliers, or waiting their email for days, if you want she is

    She is my photographer, im really happy as her photos are amazingly beautiful, she is a real professional, and a very kind and attentive person!

    She works and lives in Amalfi coast.

    Ive also found thanks to my wedding planner, my make up artist and hairstylist in Rome, she moves all around Italy!

    Annartstyle make up and hair, you can find her both on FB and instagram,

    She is a real professional, speaks fluent english, is very flexible with prices, she does greatly both hair and make up, I ve already done my trial, so Im sure about it 100%. She consulted me about my general look, as I didn’t know what I wanted, but thanks to her great experience, we found my Look!If you are interested , i can send photos here!


  • Hi Lois5 

    can I ask how much Thomson quoted you for the photographer?  if you don't mind .......

    we have just booked with Thomson for April 2017 but they won't give me prices for extras until my dates are confirmed?! 


    pamela xx

  • Please consider


    Gianni and Paolo

  • Hi,

    I realise this thread hasn't been used for a while, but I thought I would just add my review as it might help any new brides who are looking for recommendations!

    We've recently celebrated our wedding in Sorrento, with the ceremony at the Cloisters and reception at Don Pedro's Farm, and we had Adamo Morgese as our photographer.  He was great to deal with, very quick to respond to questions, and on the day he was really friendly, professional and unobtrusive as he snapped natural photos of everything that was happening without us or our guests even noticing a lot of the time!  He has sent us a link to view all of our photos, and we are really pleased with them!  He has captured the day beautifully, and they really tell the story of everything that happened.  He even stayed later than planned in the evening to make sure he captured the cutting of the wedding cake at sunset. I would definitely recommend Adamo to other brides planning weddings in Italy.

    Karen x


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