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Santorini Wedding Certificate

So, we've just got back from Santorini and had an amazing wedding........

We have a wedding certificate (obviously in Greek), but need to get it translated.  Has anyone recommendations on who they used in the UK to translate it to English?

And did you need to register it in the UK anywhere?


  • Hi,

    My wedding planning company did mine, i know they have a translation service which you can use even if you didnt plan with them, they are called Ionian Weddings.  You can google to find legal translaters for it, i think it needs to go the embassy as well for stamping.

    I didnt register it anywhere x x

  • SantoCSantoC Posts: 27

    We used Androulla Veliotou, a Chief Legal Translator endorsed by the Greek Embassy in London - her contact email is as follows:  [email protected]

    Get in touch with her and see if she can help.

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