We are looking to get married in Ravello at the beginning of August 2016. (unfortunately I work in a school and we have to get married in the main school holidays) We think we will have between 40-50 guests with 1 child. We are a young couple of 26 and 29 with the wedding party also being mainly young couples and our families.

We have spoken to mario at Wagner tours and decided we wanted to get married in the town hall gardens with our reception taking place at villa Eva. 

My my main worry now is accommodation...  Do you think Ravello would be a good base for us to stay in and how long should we stay for? We want to be where there are restaurants and bars and a beach that we can access. Might we be better to stay in a different town? We have looked on several websites for hotels but it seems many of them have no availability? Has anyone else had this problem as I thought that booking a year in advance would give us plenty of options but it seems not! And would any of you mind sharing how much you paid for a nice but not extortionate hotel as many of the ones I have found with availability are coming up at £4,000 for a week!!! 

hope you can help!! X


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    Hi Laura

    My wedding planner has pre-booked a number of rooms for our guest at hotels (13 months ahead of our wedding) with prices ranging from £80-£400 a night, all in Ravello. I imagine most wedding planners will be able to do this, so maybe speak to Mario and ask him if he can help?

    Have you visited Ravello? Its absolutely beautiful, and definitely worth staying in for the nights surrounding your wedding, although we have suggested to our guests (we are 27) that they might want to move on after 2-3 nights as Ravello is a little bit quieter than they would like.

    Ravello is up in the hills and about a 15 minute drive to the nearest beach (Amalfi) but there are plenty of other options.... Maiori, Minori, Positano, Prairo. I found looking at other brides wedding websites really helpful for things like that!


    Let me know if you have any questions,


  • Hi Victoria,

    our ur wedding planner has also recommended a venue ranging from 80-400 euros a night. Are you going with the Amalfi experience? Just curious how you are getting on if you are as thats who we are just about to confirm with.


  • Hi Melanie!

    I'm not using the Amalfi Experience no, however I did meet Jacquie & Catherine (from AE) earlier this year when I went out to look at venues and they were both absolutely lovely! I watched one of their weddings at Caruso (from the bar balcony) and it looked simply stunning.

    In the end we chose another planner (Laura Frappa from Exclusive Italy) as we felt for our venue (Villa Cimbrone) that she had a better relationship with them, and therefore would be the best to work with.

    What venue are you looking at? Happy to answer any other questions you have!




  • Thanks Victoria,

    I think its a really difficult task choosing your planner and venue. the venue you have chosen looks stunning. When are you getting married?

    I am between Hotel Santa Caterina and Villa Eva. what was your thoughts on Villa Eva? 

    Melanie x

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