can anyone tell me who pays for the bridal party to attend wedding abroad ? I'm guessing bride and groom but have been told this is not the case ? Anyone ?? 


  • MrsT-to-beMrsT-to-be Posts: 113

    I've always thought it was the guest, I wouldn't expect the bride & groom to pay (though would expect them to be considerate of peoples financial circumstances when choosing the location) x

  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,318 New bride

    I'm gettin married in Rhodes in June 2016 and all my guests have paid for themselves even the bridal party I agree it's too much to pay for them, we just told ppl we were getting married aboard and everyone is welcome to come then we picked who was bridesmaids and they have all booked themselves now.

  • Now_MrsMNow_MrsM Posts: 395

    my best mate is getting in Disney in 2017 and all guests are paying for themselves. i am happy to pay for ourselves and really wouldn't expect her to pay for us  

  • That's good to know. If we had to pay for everyone, we would be going Alone !!

  • I am getting married in Tuscany in August 2016. Our guests - of which we have just over 40 coming - are all paying for themselves. We are paying for a welcome meal and drinks the night before as well as pre- ceremony drinks, in addition to the wedding meal and plenty of good wine. We picked a date and location in Tuscany which made it as easy as possible, both financially and in terms of time off work, for people to come. 

    Best of luck with the planning xx

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