2015/2016 Weddings in Mexico?

Hey everyone,

We're getting married in Cancun in April 2016 at the Moon Palace Grand Golf & Spa Resort, just wondered if there is anyone else out there getting married in Cancun or elsewhere in Mexico within the next year or so, or anyone who has very recently (past year or so)?

Really appreciate any advice, opinions, tips... all the rest! :D

Thanks in advance x


  • MrsDenbyMrsDenby Posts: 199


    we got married in Mexico in May and it was perfect :) so relaxed and our guests loved it too. Just had our wedding pics back and they're fab and brought back so many wonderful memories.

    we got married at El Dorado Seaside Suites with 11 guests and loved how intimate and 'special' it was. 

    boat trip is always good if you want something fun to do to relax before the wedding.

    good luck with the planning and I'm sure it'll be fabulous! x

  • Melissa28Melissa28 Posts: 53

    Hello Mrs Denby and congrats! ;)

    So glad to hear the wedding went perfectly, I wonder - did you have to have blood tests done before you and your husband could be married there? We've been told we have to.

    Also, how was the weather in May (I know hot and sunny haha), but were there periods during the day of showers or thunderstorms? Did you cope okay with the heat in your dress? x

  • Hi, I'm getting married in Mexico in May 2016, I'm just wondering what all the blood tests are about, what are they actually testing for, it's quite a strange thing really, never heard of it before.



  • MrsDenbyMrsDenby Posts: 199

    Hi melissa

    sorry I didnt see your reply until now!! 

    Yes we had to have blood tests but nothing to worry about. standard procedure for marrying in Mexico. 

    The weather was fab. We had one hour of rain the whole two weeks and it was on our wedding day! Heavy rain while I was having hair and make up done but had dried up just before the ceremony :) it actually made it slightly cooler for walking down the aisle etc. apparently it's good luck for rain on your wedding day? That's what everyone kept telling me anyway! 

    I was very hot in my dress, especially my legs under a full length dress! But I coped fine, wasn't too uncomfortable and definitely wouldn't have changed my dress :) 

    It was such a relaxing day, the wedding coordinators were fab and we had nothing to stress over while there at all


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