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I am new to this forum so I'm sorry if this has been posted before!

We have just booked our wedding for The Algarve in July 2016 however I'm just curious if there are any other brides out there who are getting married in Portugal.

We have an amazing wedding planner however just looking for some questions answered as I am constantly emailing them with little questions.

Once married do you get your marriage certificates straight away and translated into English? Or is there a long wait before you can change your name. 

Have you have any quotes for photographers and ceremony music? What is the price like?


MrsToBe2016 x



  • Hi mrstobe I’m also getting married next year and to answer your questions normally marriage certificates will not be translated from portuguese unless you want it i've heard there are a few companies doing this. How long will it take to get your marriage certificate will depend how fast your wedding planner and the registry office is normally it could take a few days before it’s ready and with a bit of luck you will still be able to get it before heading back home.

    Photographers fees can vary a lot it depends who you book and how long you want them to be there on your day. can go from as little 350 up till 2950 euros as you can see these are enormous ranges in prices, maybe contacting a few photographers could do the trick. The same with ceremony music are you looking for contemporary or classic music played through IPod or a live act (solo, duo, trio, string quartet, acoustic guitar with or without vocals) this can also vary a lot in price. better do a good search online and ask your wedding planner for advice as well. Good luck


  • Alex-Alex- Posts: 39

    Hey Mrs to be! 


    I am a photographer based in the Uk but fly anywhere in the world to shoot weddings, recently I went to Santorini to shot a Uk couple wedding and I love it. Have you ever thought about this? Let me know what you think and take a look at my site, then we can talk prices and discounts for your algarve wedding! :) 


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