Help- Wedding in Cyprus 3 weeks time!

Where shall I start? I have no gifts for my mum, dad,best man and sister.... Any ideas? My hubbie to be has no shirt!! Im stressing about the luggage allowence as we have 20kg each which wont go far due to us also having a baby!! I have read on here that we need a full length birth cert and Ive been told a short version is fone. I have a butterfly theme, and cannot find those tealight you are talking about, how long ago did you get them? Also one of my main missions is to get personalised M&M's shipped from the states for our party on return?


  • helen469helen469 Posts: 127
    hello. i think it depends where you get married whether you need a full birth certificate. i got married in dom rep in 2001 and i needed a full cert. but its no big deal if you do, just contact your local registry office, mine cost £6 and came within 3 days. your travel agent should tell you what you need. xx
  • morgan1ukmorgan1uk Posts: 41
    We got married in cyprus 5th july and only had short length birth certificates- that was fine.
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