Reception at sorrento cloisters

Hello,we're getting married in July 2016 at the cloisters in sorrento. I know this is a very minor detail to be concerning myself with at this stage but from the pictures online some of the photos show typical garden furniture type chairs. Are these the chairs that are included with a package (we've booked through Ionian)? It's not a huge deal but they don't look great-either black or white chair covers did look a lot better but they're quite expensive as you need to pay per chair and would probably only be used for about 20 mins.

what did everyone else do? Did the bare chairs actually look ok or is it worth getting the covers?

thanks in advance! Xx


  • Kirsty66Kirsty66 Posts: 54

    Hi Heather

    We are also getting married at the Cloister on 7th July 2016! What's your date?? We visited Sorrento in April for a week and saw about 4 weddings whilst we were there. Everyone we saw were using the black chairs and I didnt think they looked too bad however I knew it'd be something that would annoy me so we are getting white chair covers through our florist. I know what you mean by cost as our hotel will do them at the cost of 8 euro per chair but we got it with the florist for 4! I guess it's the same dilemna with the coloured carpets! I can't decide whether to pay extra for the white or just go for the green! Would love to hear your plans!

    Kirsty :-)

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    Thanks for the reply kirsty!

    Hope your plans are going well :)

    We are 4th July so very close dates! That price isn't actually too bad at all-we're only have about 25 guests. we only booked the wedding a couple of weeks ago and it's a bit sooner than we had originally thought so just get a bit concerned with money. 

    I have exactly the same thoughts about the carpet-white does look better (in the pictures) but not sure if it's worth it. Same applies to the extra flower decorations. We won't be able to go to sorrento to check everything out until our actual trip because we already had a big holiday booked for this year before we planned the wedding. 

    Are you doing a package?where are you having your reception? Xx

  • Kirsty66Kirsty66 Posts: 54

    pm'd you! :-)

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