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im wondering if anyone has any good poems I can send out to the guests?that I am not able to invite to our wedding abroad due to having a very big family and trying to keep costs down.are plan is to keep it very intimate and small abroad then come home and arrange a reception for all the family that did not attend (or the ones we were unable to invite)I just want something nice to let people know we are getting married abroad,in the kindest way possible without upsetting anyone's feelings.i have been dreading it to be honest...please help if can😊😊


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  • I must admit I have never heard of sending out a note to people to say that they are not invited. Are you having a party when you get back? If you are you could send save the dates for this and explain that you are having a small, intimate wedding abroad. The people that matter will completelay understand.

    Best wishes xx

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