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Cost of Band for Wedding in Italy?


I wondered if anybody could share how much they have paid for their wedding music in Italy and if they could recommend somebody?

We are getting married in Umbria in August 2016 and we are really considering flying someone over from the UK as have struggled to find anybody in Italy we like so far.  We have been given a quote for about 2,000 pounds to fly someone over to play the acoustic guitar in the day and then DJ at night but I wanted to know if this is what we should expect to pay?  He is really good so I think it is definitely worth the money but if we could find somebody cheaper we would go for that!  We really just want somebody to play an acoustic guitar for us and play a mixture of music xxx  


  • As a professional wedding band, we have just come back from performing in Genoa. It is the way of things that we are seen at friend's weddings and clients wish us for theirs - distance being no object.  We sent our 7 musicians via plane and our crew and all equipment via road.  We performed, saxophone for the wedding ceremony, jazz set for the wedding breakfast and our full band including DJ for the evening reception at a cost to our client of £6000 and they were delighted.  with that in mind, I would say £2k for a guitarist and DJ to me is simply too much.  I would look deeper into it.  Keith, 

  • I'm with Keith I would say it is probably a bit too much. We are a 3 piece Irish folk band ( in case we can turn your head) and I would say roughly, for the 3 of us and equipment it would be about £1,900 (with travel included in that price) so it might be a little steep 

  • My name is Marlene, I am a wedding planner in Italy (lakes region).

    I really think that you can find a nice band directly in Italy, if you'd like I can suggest you a few that I know, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Have a nice day !

  • Hello, local travel planner here. The prices everyone is quoting are MAD! You can hire a profesaional band with years of experience and an amazing reputation in the 600 to 1000 range.....

  • Hello,

    our first holiday as a was a couple was to Olu Deniz and this is where my fiancé told me he loved me. From then on we always said a wedding there would be incredible however with the current situation lots of family and friends have said they wouldn't travel to Turkey. It must be hard to hear but I think a good point has been made on this forum about travel insurance, should the worse happen your wedding would be stopped with no refunds etc. I honestly hope it does all go ok for you. Xx

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