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Weddings in Oludeniz, Turkey

Hello ladies,

We are planning to get married in Turkey, Oludeniz area next year. Any advice would be much appreciated! Wedding coordinators? Hair/make up professionals? Hotel to stay? Prices? 


  • I am getting married in the UK but have holidayed in Olu Deniz before. We stayed at Hotel Belcekiz Beach and it was incredible :) would really recommend there for accommodation.

    Are you sure about Olu Deniz though? It is very close to the Syrian border so whilst I loved the hhotel, I wouldn't travel there at the moment! Xx

  • I love Oludeniz! Been there many times for holidays, but not sure about weddings side of things there, purely because i didn't consider it.

    Seen Montana Pine resort wedding pictures, that was lovely, but i didn't stay there, so cant advise. I was alsways staying in Fethiye and i think it is just an amazing area.

    Re TheLegacyofMrsM comment- are you serious? it's not close to the border at all! I think you don't know how big Turkey is.... Syrian border is like 2 days drive time away... Its like driving from London to Madrid.... 


  • Thank you, will check Montana Pine. Still looking and can't decide… and yes it is far from border so not really worried about that. 

  • I didn't mean it in an offensive way, I just personally wouldn't travel to Turkey or surrounding areas at the moment. It would be worth researching wedding insurance first, after insurance has been withdrawn to Tunisia etc I would read all the fine print. A lot of insurances don't cover 'acts of God' or anything to do with terrorism so if the situation did deteriorate and you were advised not to travel you might not be covered?

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