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I'm getting married in las vegas April 2016, having looked at the various hotels we've decided on Caesars palace , wanted to go to the Venetian but preferred the look of the outside space at Caesars... so have decided to have the reception at The Venetian... Has anyone done this? Looking at the Canaletto , there will be 25 of us including some children or can anyone recommend a great place in vegas for a reception please .. Thankyou x


  • Hi!

    I am getting married in Vegas on the 1st December at Caesars Palace :)

    As there are only 2 people coming with us we are going to the Prime Steakhouse at the Bellagio but they also do larger private parties on their balcony which overlooks the fountains, it looks fab and the weather in April would be nice for that!

    I also hear great things about Maggianos at the Fashion Show Mall and Joe's Seafood and Steak House at Caesars in the Forum shops - they are both supposed to be fantastic for receptions and with Joe's, you could have everything in 1 place as it is at Caesars?

    Have you booked anything else yet? It's nice to talk to another Vegas bride! :)

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    If you plan to have children in attendance, you may want to book a hotel off the main strip. There are men 24/7 that stand on the sidewalks in front of the strip hotels and hand out the calling cards for hookers/ escorts to all the bypassers. The cards have their pictures and contact info on them for the company that works the girls. The streets are littered with hundreds of those cards from people who toss them down. There are also mini-buses that cruise up and down the strip with gigantic sized mural paintings of the girls and the phone number for their agency. It's not very family-friendly. It would be awkward on such a romantic occasion as your wedding to have to answer questions about prostitution/ escorts. Most of this trash doesn't go on by the hotels immediately off the strip. The children aside, it's just vulgar and not romantic.

    My husband has a work event every January in Vegas, which I usually help with, so we are out there annually for a week. My only suggestion to you would be, whatever you book, book very early. We always book our rooms for NEXT year's event as we are leaving the current year's. We get an excellent rate that way!

    If you are looking for a unique photo opp, I would go to the Stratosphere. You could get some amazing looking pictures from there!

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    Thanks for the advice Kitten2014, i was thinking of having a little champagne cocktail reception at the stratosphere before our dinner so that's fab, I'm hiring a hummer to take us too and from venues so hopefully we can shield the kids a little although they will be there for a week so I guess at some stage they will see it But thanks for the valuable advice, going to book early, not getting married till April 2017 so I'm on it already ha ha , I notice I put 2016 on my original post .. Typo error ha ha x

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    Hi MrsPToBe2015,

    ooh your wedding is getting close I bet your excited, where In Caesars are you getting married? 

    Ive heard about Maggianos  a friend of mine had a reception there and she said it was really good so I thought I'd email them and the venetian and see what they offer.

    I looked at the Bellagio as it looks beautiful but didn't really like the idea of everyone having to stand ( don't think my Inlaws would like that too much ) so decided against it although it is a beautiful position ... Have you chosen anything else to do... Looking for some fun things to do ha ha x

  • Sorry for my late reply - I hadn't been on here much recently! Yes we are getting so so excited now - it is getting so close! :)

    We are getting married at Venus Gardens, personally we just preferred it over Juno Gardens. We may be looking at Maggianos now as we had an email to say our restaurant is closed for our wedding date - we are so upset! Still looking at somewhere in the Bellagio for drinks overlooking the fountains - I just want to hear the Christmas music :)

    As there is only 4 of us in total we haven't looked at much else for the actual day but I have been to Vegas before so you will have to let me know if you want actual restaurant tips, things to do on your other days there!

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    Hello everyone! 
    We are going to get married in Vegas, and we choose the Paradise Wedding Chapel. It looks just gorgeous inside, very modern and they even have a live camera, so that your family members that are far away can watch you get married!!! I think it is so cute and very innovative.
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