Mexico 2017

Hi everyone 

we have finally decided on Mexico for our wedding abroad around May 2017.  

I really haven't got a clue where to start though if anyone can recommend a hotel they all look amazing currently liking Riu peninsula and moon palace.

would I best booking through a travel agent like Thomson or booking with hotel direct?

if anyone has any venues or hotels they can recommend or a photos they can share that would be great!

thanks everyone just feeling almost as to where to start 


  • The Royalton Riviera is considered the best hotel in Mexico at the moment and is incredible! We got back in June and are already dreaming of going again. Not too badly priced either. Try looking through Thomson. We upgraded to Hideaway as we don't have kids and it was amazing xx

  • Thanks for the reply I will have a look now, a lot of the hotels I like are adult only and our son will be with us and around 8 other children from 2-10 years.  So looking of a child friendly hotel x x

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    We got engaged in Mexico and stayed in the Riu Tequila in Playacar. They all do wedding ceremonies and we watched someone get married on the beach at one of the other Riu hotels which was great.

    We are going to go back for our honeymoon in 2017!

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    We originally booked the Royalton Riviera for our honeymoon but when we looked again the reviews had changed massively so we changed the hotel to the Platinum Princess Yucatan. Probably no help for you as it's adults only.

    My friend got married in the Sensatori last year, that was nice although she booked via Thomson and did have a few issues.

  • Hi Bella  the platinum princess looks amazing shame it adults only.  The sensatori is on my list do you mind if I ask what kind of issues your friend had with thomson?


    cheers x x

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    I've booked through Thomson for our honeymoon and although I would say they're ok, they did cancel our honeymoon by accident and I only found out during a routine phonecall to them as I was struggling to make a payment online. I'll inbox you as I don't want to say anything else on a public forum!

  • Hi Bella


    thanks for the message not the best service hey!  Just makes sorting the wedding out harder I am hopeless at making decision, I did go to Thomson yesterday and picked up some wedding brochures so going to see what else I like and maybe look at booking direct

    x x

  • Hi Rebecca-15,

    I would recommend Dreams Tulum- been there and the beach is just amazing for the wedding and it is family resort. I saw couple of weddings on the beach!

    Also had friends staying in Now Jade, family friendly and they do weddings as well i think.

    For the wedding booking i don't know, but personally i would go to a wedding specialist rather that big company, i think smaller agency will just give you more personalized service, but this is just my opinion.




  • Hey 


    Seen this post was a few months ago now , how did u get on ? Im looking for the same Mexico ,may 2017 that's family friendly 



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    im going to Sensatori for our honeymoon. I would have loved to go to El Dorado Casitas Royale, looks like heaven but our budget wouldn't stretch. Moon Palace looks amazing I kinda wish I was going there now  X 

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    I have booked my wedding for May 2017 with Thomson and we are getting married and staying in the Royalton Riviera. We are actually staying in the Hideaway section. Did anyone else book their wedding??



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    I'm looking to book either the iberostar or the rui for may 2017 I'll probably be booking through Thompson in the next few weeks. Any tips or advice welcome. Mexico looks absolutely stunning 

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