Summer wedding fashion question?

 It's toward the evening - so come 8 or 9pm it'll be much cooler (presumably). 

If you are a woman - most people frown upon a black dress to a wedding... UNLESS the mori lee wedding is done in a black & white ball theme or a halloween theme etc. 

There are a lot of options for dresses and outfits that are more suitable for a wedding than a black dress particularly for a summer wedding. (navy blue would be a better option than black) so take a look in your closet and dress it up. IF the only option is the black dress - then pop a light & airy blouse over it or a little colored jacket so you break up the black ;) Keep it classy - but brighten it up a bit. 

If you are a male - most guys have dark suits - that's just kind of how our society is. BUT a nice pop of color with a tie or shirt is usually how we go to a wedding. Wearing all black was kind of Johnny Cash's thing ;) so try to wear something lighter in color (traditional white shirt is always classy)

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