Tuscany wedding - catering, photographer, music etc


We are getting married in Tuscany next summer. We have found a wedding planner but I would love some other ideas or recommendations of anyone else people have used?

We would also love recommendations of good caterers, bands etc. We want good food but rustic and nothing too fancy or over the top. Music wise we would like a band and then a DJ.

Thanks in advance!

Emma x


  • Lea-Lea- Posts: 31 New bride

    Hi Emma, 

    Congratulations! Tuscany wedding.. sounds amazing :)

    I can recommend a brilliant photographer, he is not Tuscany based, but travel all around the world. His name is Peter Lane, he was photographer at wedding of my friends and did a great job. Love his photography style, you can take a look: http://peterlanephotography.co.uk  & https://www.pinterest.com/peterlane/

    Hope that helps :)

    Good luck x 

  • Hi Emma!

    we are getting married in Tuscany next year too!

    We are out there in a few weeks to look at our catering options and a few other bits.

    Once I'm back I'll let you know and pass on our recommendations!

    I hope you are enjoying the planning and dress shopping :)

    J x

  • Hi Emma


    I would recommend the band fourkicksband.com, they travel anywhere and they really are fantastic.

    Photographer I definitely recommend studio Cabrelli. 


    Enjoy the planning ! ;)

    Mel x


  • Hi Future brides!

    Im Megan!im getting married in Italy in April!

    ive chosen Italy - Rome as my perfect place for my wedding!

    actually it was quite impossible to organise it myself, I adore Italy and travel often here, but its a complete disaster when you need to organise smth here, especially such a big event as wedding,

    so i read in one of the forums that it was better to find a wedding planner, so I did so, and i dont regret at all! She did everything for me and I wasnt mad looking for my suppliers, or waiting their email for days, if you want she is http://www.glesus.it/wedding-in-italy/

    She is my photographer, im really happy as her photos are amazingly beautiful, she is a real professional, and a very kind and attentive person! http://www.tanialerro.it/about/

    Ive also found thanks to my wedding planner, my make up artist and hairstylist in Rome

    Annartstyle make up and hair, you can find her both on FB and instagram,


    She is a real professional, speaks fluent english, is very flexible with prices, she does greatly both hair and make up, I ve already done my trial, so Im sure about it 100%. She consulted me about my general look, as I didn’t know what I wanted, but thanks to her great experience, we found my Look!If you are interested , i can send photos here!


  • Hi Emma,

    Please consider http://candidweddingsitaly.com


    Gianni and Paolo

  • Hi Emma

    I am the owner of a resort in Tuscany


    we can organize your whole wedding for € 100 per person and can accommodate up to 70 people .

    ask a quote to [email protected]

    Congrats for your wedding, best wishes

  • Hi, future brides!

    me too getting married in Tuscany! Villa Barberino is so beautiful! Tuscany it a fantastic land, very romantic, green, just like in my dreams!!!!im really happy!if someone needs Ive found a really great flower designer, her bouquets and flower decorations are just masterpieces, her name is Flavia Bruni, actually i was desperately look for a good make up artist and hair stylist, and she advised me Anna. As I've been already in Italy, we organised our trial, and I can assure you, she is superb in what she does, she gave me so many pieces of advice, helped me to choose the right hairstyle for my dress, and the right make up, letting me try some of them, making photos, so that I could choose after. She has been over 11 years in the industry, so you understand she is a real expert in face features, how to make you look flawless! She is Annartstyle make up and hair on FB and her website is http://www.annartstyle.com/  

    Hope it can be helpful to someone!!!!

    good luck , brides!!

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