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Where to wed?

Hello all,


This is my first post as I just got engaged on Saturday! Uber excited. We have talked about a beach wedding and have been told that Cyprus and Malta are the cheapest places to go to get married.


Here are my questions:


1) Did you / are you planning to get married abroad? If so, where and is it good for a tight budget?


2) Do you think it is ok to ask guests to pay their airfares and hotel?


3) What company did you use to book your wedding?


Thanks in advance!


  • We got married in Santorini and used Nikos  Sirigos. Very reasonable indeed and although not on the beach, our photos are outstanding and after all it's the photos that last forever.

    easyjet fly there and our guests paid for their own air fares which wasn't an issue at all 

    We found Cyprus to be very expensive!!

    congratulations and happy planning!


  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,342 New bride

    I was goin to say I found Cyprus and Malta expensive,  I'm getting married in Rhodes and I used unforgettable Rhodes we have quite a lot of guest we have 60 coming they have all paid there own holidays to com but for the wedding over there its self meal photographer dj coach hair make up and other bits we paid for its coming to 4,800 then we are having a 18 night holiday all inclusive which is 2,000 so goin aboard we have still saved cuz to host 60 ppl at a wedding in England double that easily xx

  • Len3Len3 Posts: 55

    Hello, i was doing wedding in Hight Tatras rezort on Slovakia  for my customers from England and they say it was good and cheap decision.All was done by hotel + they had beautiful nature around and wedding photos was taken on highest point of Hight Tatras and many more beautiful places there.:)

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  • Hi.  We got married in Italy...

    Perfect for a tight budget - I think a lot of areas are expensive, but it was really affordable where we got married.

    All our gusts paid for their own airfare and accommodations.  Our wedding planner assured us this was normal and our guests where happy to pay.  Nor problems there!

    We used Lisa and Isabella from Hitched in Italy - [email protected]

  • JD 2JD 2 Posts: 12

    Congratulations on getting engaged!

    If it was me personally, I would not ask guest to pay for their flight and hotel because not everyone has money to pay for a trip, especially if it isn't a trip for themselves. Some guest might be willing to pay but in their mind they wont like the idea. They will pretend to be happy on the the outside, but indifferent in the inside.

  • GulnazGulnaz Posts: 20


    What about wedding in Slovenia? It is a small country in the central Europe and takes less than 2 hours to fly. Two way ticket cost starts from 120 euros.  The country is beautiful! Lots of wedding venues to any taste. You will be surprised with the prices.

    About guests - it is normal to tell your guests that their presence at your wedding will be their wedding present for you.

    Local wedding planner in Slovenia check here




  • I am getting married in Santorini and we have a 10k budget. From my research however you could easily get wed in Santorini for fraction of this cost or easily double it. Just depends what you want to spend. Ours includes cost of holiday for us and 2 children, minimoon after wedding, contribution towards parents holiday costs, transport meal drinks etc for wedding party (50) and all the extras like decoration flowers etc. We are inviting mix of family and friends. We are not paying towards cost of guests flights or accommodation. It is a big ask for people though way we looked at it is weddings can generally cost a lot for guests anyway- hen and stag dos abroad; cost of hotel and transport for weddings in different cities etc. But if they choose to come to ours would at least get to have a holiday out of it too. At the end of the day we can't afford to pay for everyone even if we wanted to. Some people have already said they can't afford it which is understandable but most guests have said they're excited and good excuse for a holiday. We are having a party at a local pub when we get home which I think has been appreciated by those that can't make it to the actual wedding. We have been lucky to have so many friends and family want to join us but we agreed from the start that we wanted to get married abroad even if just ended up being us, our children and parents c

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  • Well I do not think that wedding in Malta is expensive! Then is depends on your location and everything.

    I am a photographer here in Malta, in case you decide to have your wedding here!


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