I'm gettomg married in Cyprus next year, any other Cyprus brides who are you using for a photgrapher? For all overseas brides, how far in advance should I be booking ahead and what is a good price?

Thanks ladies



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    I am getting married in Paphos in October. I have used a company called Cyprus Dreams which I found on the internet and they are arranging my photographer, Dvd, cake, flowers and transport. I found them very reasonable and helpful. We have arranged everything via e-mail and I started making enquiries in February and it all went from there.

    If you wanted to have a look the website is

    Hope this helps.

    Paphos bride
  • IanDBIanDB Posts: 510
    Hi cyprusbride2b

    Andreas Constantinou ( Fotokinisi )

    Tele No 00357 26938635

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Andreas works for most wedding Company's & is known to be very good & professional, I have seen him in action many times & would highly recommend him. His office is across the Annabelle in Paphos


    Marios & Vangellis ( Papis Bros )

    00357 26960656 They generally work for thomas Cook only but do take bookings themselves small family run Establishment have had good ratings & again I would recommend them as well.

    the above names, you get them at cost.

    I think they take bookings a year in advance not sure but ask them when you ring


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