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lake garda

hi there! 

My partner and I are looking to getting married at isola del Garda and hold our reception At hotel laurin. has anyone had their wedding there? Any advice? Also can anyone recommend and good photographers, hairstylists and make up artists please?

thanks xx


  • Alex-Alex- Posts: 39


    I would absolutely love to shoot a wedding in Lake garda, I am a destination wedding photographer and love the look and sound of it? Whats your date? I charge my normal rate plus a bit of discount and travel and accommodation. Have a look at my work here and see if you like it? I would love to hear from you, feel free to pop me an email at: [email protected] or through my contact page! 


    Let me know and i cannot wait to hear back, 


  • Hi

    I find an Italian chef who also offers all services related to real Italian wedding. She is truly amazing, full of imagination and speaks English and French. She organised all my wedding. Cool!

    email [email protected]

  • Len3Len3 Posts: 55


    Try look here or contact them

    Good luck and happy planing 

  • RC15RC15 Posts: 235

    Paola Colleoni is an amazing photographer we are using for our wedding in Umbria, Italy! She is based in Milan so not too far from the Lakes. Xx



    I'm an italian wedding photographer, I live in Turin and I have a home in Verona, near Garda's Lake (that I know very well, I spent many years in Garda, Salò and Sirmione); I'm trying to improve my business so I'm offering great deals for wedding packages! I always work with Valerio Elia, an exceptional photographer (who speaks fluently Italian, Chinese, English and French, so communicate to each other isn't a problem for us!). If you want you can give a look to our website here's the link:

    Here's our e-mail: [email protected]

    Feel free to ask everything you want!

    Congrats for your wedding, best wishes,

    Ludovica Lanzafami

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