Big Dresses !!!

Help I am really worried I have purchsed my dress (paid in full) and now worrying that i have got carried away and not thought it through properly as it is quite a big dress and i am getting married in Greece next August and worried that i will be ridiculously HOT ...

I am so worried that it wont be right ..what should i do?


  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    Hi there, I had similar worries and I'm sure other brides have had the same thoughts as well. You bought the dress because you love it and I'm sure it looks gorgeous on you. I know the weather is an issue but your wedding is a once in a lifetime thing - you'll be fine! what's a bit of heat when we are getting married to the men we love??!!!! ps there's always a fan as a back up plan!!

    Kathy x
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    I thought this myself when we decided to marry abroad but hey i hope to only do it once and therefore i am going to wear the dress of my dreams no matter of it's size. I haven't started searching yet although we have booked already. We are getting married in the Grecian Park Hotel Cyprus on 4th Sept 2008. I just want to lose tad bit of weight then i will start to look, hopefully in January. Good luck with your search and go for whatever you feel fabulous in!!!!

    Nicola x
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    i don't think it'll be a problem as long as you make it as comfortable as possible. here are my suggestions:

    firstly, can you do the ceremony late afternoon? from 4pm onwards it should be cooler

    secondly, can you add a hoop to your dress? this will keep the material away from your legs and stop them getting hot and itchy

    finally, i suggest buying a cooling spray and getting one of your bridesmaids to keep it with them to spritz you every so often

  • Hey, dont worry! Im getting married in Cyrpus on the 29th Aug (3wks ish) and I got a big dress with a MASSIVE trail. And my sttitude is yes I will be hot and maybe bothered but im getting married once, and this was the dress I wanted for my day. So dont worry enjoy the day and the big dress! youll only get hitched once!image
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    Little Bobo... your dress is amazing... make sure you have your hooped underskirt and a late afternoon ceremony, and im sure you will be fine!! Don't change it...

    Contact your travel company about transportation, extra luggage allowance... or ship it over before hand through a courier...?! xx
  • I'm getting married in Singapore (very hot and humid) and, to be honest, when it's that hot, you'd be roasting even in a bikini. I've therefore opted to just go for the dress I want - my ceremony will be the only part of my wedding that won't be taking place in an ice-cool air-con room, so I'm sure I'll survive.
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    I know it is a beautiful dress just soooo worried ..Think i am having a bit of is it the dress for me problem ..I am going to try it back on again beginning of Aug and see how i feel ...

    It is just not the dress i had expected to go for ..i had wanted something a lot simpler and this is kind of a bit much !!
  • sonymesonyme Posts: 425

    Try not to worry too much, lots of brides go through that worrying stage about not liking their dress..i agree try it on and you'll probably love it all over again.. I didnt want a wedding dress at all, i only went in the shop to shut my friend up and there it was, i was hooked. Like you i changed my mind after because i was so against having a proper dress, i still worry to be honest, but hey it looks fab and im sure you'll feel the same when you try yours on!! Would a hoop around the bottom help to keep youre legs cool? Like the other ladies said could you change youre wedding to either morning or later in the afternoon...

    Try not to worry, youre gonna look a million dollars!!!

    Jayn x
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