Villa Antiche Mura (Sorrento, Italy) - How did you plan it?

Hello ladies,

I have seen a thread about Villa Antiche Mura (Sorrento, Amalfi Coast) from 2009 but it seems still active so I hope somebody here is able to help me.

My fiance and I have decided to get married in Italy in 2017 and we went on a trip to several locations in September to look at venues. This trip was organised by travel counselors and our agent was also the one recommending Villa Antiche Mura and organised the viewing. All the communication so far with Michele, the Event manager at the villa, was between her and him. However we have met Michele back in September.

We have now decided that we would like to have our wedding at Villa Antiche Mura. I wanted to get the contact details from the travel agent and she offered to communicate on our behalf to get a good deal. Then she mentioned we would be communicating with the travel counselors wedding planners who then will communicate with Michele. I thought he would be fine giving us a list of vendors and suppliers to choose from, communicate with them etc so we don´t have to pay for another wedding planner. Now my travel agent says Michele won´t have a big choice of suppliers and vendors and actually is not involved in anything that goes on outside the villa.

Now I am confused as to whether this is true or a way of getting me to pay for an additional service. How have you got in touch with the villa and how was/is your planning process?

I am getting slightly worried now as I had a good calculation of costs and an additional wedding planner is not something I was planning for really.

Thank you all so much in advance!



  • Sara50Sara50 Posts: 196

    Hi Katrin, 

    We have booked our wedding at Villa Antiche Mura for August 2016 and we have dealt directly with Michele from the start. When we confirmed we wanted to go ahead we gave him our dates and he confirmed with the Cloisters whether these were available and the times so we paid our deposit and he booked it. 

    We are not using a wedding planner. Michele sent us a list of all the extra services and prices and said that we could use our own or his he doesn't mind - we have organised our own photographer, hair and make up and flowers but we are using some of Michele's services such as transport, DJ (you have to due to the laws but you could just pay the licence fee and do your own playlist on an ipod) and some other extras for the day and we are also using his wedding coordination service for the cloisters ceremony and the paperwork assistance as I wanted to make sure that it is correct and as stress free as possible! 

    Michele's email address is [email protected] and he is so good at responding. He comes back within a day but I usually get a response from him within a few hours! 

    We haven't seen the venue yet, just did a lot of internet research on venues before booking, but we are going out in December to meet with Michele and see the villa! Hope it lives up to expectations as it looks amazing! 


  • Thank you so much Sara. I sent you a private message too ;-)

  • Hi ladies,


    We are looking to marry at Cloisters and hold our reception here at the villa during summer 2017. It looks stunning :)


    I have been dealing with a wedding planning company based in the UK and if I'm honest, I'm not impressed with their service so I'm looking to price things up direct and go from there. For example, I have been quoted €95 for each of the bridal party who wishes to have their hair done. And trying to get pictures of the villa from a reception perspective was like trying to get blood out of a stone. I have since been able to locate the villa for myself and view their own website that contains lots of lovely pictures.


    Please can I ask you send me over as much info as you both have? Hairdressers, florists, cake makers, entertainment etc etc and all the details from Michele?


    Thanks in advance,




  • Sara50Sara50 Posts: 196

    Hi Lydia, 

    I've booked Jimena puy for my hair and makeup, she's more expensive than others but it was something I was pretty nervous about and I really liked her website and Facebook page. I also wanted someone who spoke English doing my hair and makeup so I could explain exactly what I wanted!

    We are thinking of using Fiori Sorrento for our flowers as we've had a far cheaper quote off them than Michele but haven't decided yet. We are going over in December to have a look!

    You have to use Michele's musicians as part of the villa due to noise issues etc. And the cake is provided as part of the menu  for dessert in any flavour or design you want,  Michele told me to send a picture of what we want and his chef will copy it! 

    Hope this helps!


  • Thank you very much Sara :) xx

  • Hi Lydia,

    Sorry to hear that you are not impressed with your wedding planner in the UK. Why dont you contact one in Sorrento?

    I pay €85 for each of the bridal party through my weddingplanner Sorrento Fairytale Weddings who arranges with Jimena puy


  • Hi Lydia,

    sorry for late reply.

    I actually have only booked the venue and nothing else. So can´t give any feedback or recommendations yet.

    I am planning to send save the date cards in the next two months for my wedding in September 2017 and then get on the details.


  • denideni Posts: 2

    Hi ladies,

    We are getting married at the Villa Antiche Mura in September this year (2016), we have just come back from Sorrento and we loved it! We met our wedding planner, visited the villa, tasted the menu, had hair and make up trial as well as visiting other places where we will have pre-wedding drinks on the day before the wedding.

    We have a wedding planner in Sorrento (victoria from Sophisticated Weddings) but can also get in touch with Michele directly, he is very thorough and knows his stuff.

    I booked my hair and make up with Jimena Puy and she has been great, I heard that she is one of the best and one of the few to be able to do make up and hair. I loved the trial session, she makes sure you are happy with her services.

    We're so excited!!


  • Kathrin-Kathrin- Posts: 50

    Hi Deni,

    so happy you like the venue. We looked at a lot of different venues also in Florence, Lake Maggiore and Orta but Villa Antiche Mura was just the most beautiful.

    Please can you tell me about the food tasting you did at Villa Antiche Mura? We probably won't be able to make another trip to taste the food and I would love to hear what you thought, what you tried and what you decided on!

    What places did you check out for pre-wedding drinks?



  • Kirsty66Kirsty66 Posts: 54

    Hi girls

    im just back from Sorrento today, it was our second time visiting since we decided to get married in Sorrento and I loved it even more than i did th first time! Im really posting about the makeup/ hair situation. I am really picky but I'll be honest I have found it a bit of a nightmare! I booked Jimena Puy who costs 200 euro including a trial which is 50 euro so I met with her on Wednesday for my trial. I had a trial done at home so I knew exactly what I wanted. I have a flip in or sometimes it gets called a halo it is basically a hair piece on an invisible wire and I wanted my hair down with a slight wave/ glam kinda look with a very loose curl at the bottom. You would think simple enough since I also showed the picture but I looked like a poodle with a perm after having my hair curled with small tongs and totally over sprayed with product. I then had it done again even though it just looked messy like I had been at the beach all day, again as I said I didn't like it and eventually had a few up dos put in even though that wasn't really what I wanted but by that time I was almost in tears. The updo was better but again I've had much better up dos in my own hairdressers for £30! And I just wanted it to look more refined and special. as like someone else said I hadn't even given it a thought as her website looks so good. I don't want to stress anyone out but I would just be wary and probably have the trial done. If I had to be honest I would say she really doesn't merit the money she requests. Even her equipment looked old and barttered. Anyway sorry for the rant I just feel a bit annoyed with the whole situation. I have booked another hairdresser just from walking into the shop who gave me a free trial, it wasn't totally amazing but much better and only 100 euro in the day and 50 euro per bridesmaid. 

    Just to add I didn't have a makeup trial with her, I had an Italian girl who was quite good and she used all Mac and Chanel products but I doubt that would be the standard from everywhere including the aforementioned supplier! 

  • Kathrin-Kathrin- Posts: 50

    Oh no Kirsty! I am so sorry to hear about your negative experience :-(

    Good you were able to find someone else at least.

    At first I wanted to go to Sorrento a second time to do hair and make up test but we had a serious look at our budget and it won´t happen. My fiance has to go to a wedding in Sri Lanka and I am not going because it costs so much and we are also trying to buy a flat currently. So I will have to book someone and hope for the best. Not sure whether it is a good idea to have a test done one or two days before the wedding if I arrive earlier. It might freak me out...

    Sara, was Jimena the recommendation from Villa Antiche Mura?

  • Hi kirsty66 & Kathrin, 

    Just read up and what you ladies have been Saturn about make up & hair. 

    This is honestly one of my biggest fears! When I decided on a Sorrento wedding I done a lot of investigating before making it a defiance decision. I loved everything about Sorrento weddings, the venues, the food, the over all look. One thing I noticed straight away however is the standard of the hair & make up, its definately 'different' from the general uk style but far more expensive. 

    I follow all the recommended stylists on Facebook & still not 100% sure on one so completely understand how you feel.

    Is there any possibility of taking your own hair or Mua to Sorrento? 




  • Kathrin-Kathrin- Posts: 50

    Hi SoonToBeMrsWard,

    if you have a hair/make up person you absolutely love and trust it might be worth a thought.

    However I assume (unless it is a friend being invited to the wedding) you would have to pay for the expenses, like flights and accommodation...

    I don´t even have a hair dresser in the UK I really like so I will just hope for the best in Sorrento.

    Someone in another thread here mentioned that Zoe Graham is supposed to be very good. I really like her website and she has before and after pictures of real brides. I think I will ask for a quote but it seems she is only doing make up and not hair.

    Research on hair/make up and photographers is next on my list. And accommodation.... So much to do.

    How are you all getting on with planning?


  • OlgaFrancoOlgaFranco Posts: 7

    Hi dear brides!

    Wedding in Italy is not much expensive, and I can help you to organize a wedding in any region of Italy for reasonable money. I'm a wedding photographer and a wedding planner, who lives and works in Italy.

    My website: 

    Write to me, I can give you a consultation gratis on any issues!


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