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Anyone used Ionian Weddings to get married abroad?

Hi guys,

Me and my partner just got engaged and have decided that we would like to get married abroad. We are really interested in Greece or Cyprus and after a little research i have found a few wedding planners i like the look of. I'm particularly interested in a package Ionian Weddings offer and wanted to know if anyone had any experience with these guys?

I really like the look of Santorini Santo Winery for the wedding but unsure of reception venues so also any recomendations would be great?! We'll be a smalish wedding party with around 25 (including ourselves) so not looking for a huge venue just somewhere with great food and a nice relaxed but private atmosphere.

I'm so excited to get planning!


  • Heather50Heather50 Posts: 121 New bride

    Hi Kirsty,

    We have booked with Ionian for our wedding in Sorrento in July 2015.  Have you ended up going with them?

    We've obviously not had our wedding yet so can't give a full review but they seemed professional and friendly when we were making our booking.  We've not had much contact with them in the last couple of months since we've booked but that's because all we really need to do is finalise the numbers/final details like choice of flowers etc.

    The thing I liked about them as opposed to Thompson etc is that the package included the reception, flowers, cake, photographer etc so much more stress free!  But if you're really fussy about flowers etc (I will obviously choose my own flowers it's just that they contact the florist for me) then maybe it would be better to choose your own suppliers etc.

    It seems as though all we have to do is arrange what we're wearing, music, the guests and the legal part which I'm happy with!


  • Heather50Heather50 Posts: 121 New bride

    July 2016 not 2015!

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