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Legally married in UK, but ceremony abroad?


Due to a number of factors my H2B and I have decided to have a very low key wedding in the UK (with only 2 guests) and to have a ceremony/blessing aboard, which we will consider our actual wedding.

We are looking at either USA or the Caribbean, however we're having difficulty in finding packages which don't include license and marriage fees included.

Has anyone else has got married in the UK but had an actual ceremony with guests abroad? And how you organised it (ie through a wedding planner, package or by yourselves).



  • Technically you want a 'wedding blessing' not a wedding! Or a vow renewal. Everyone does them, even people like Thomson, just be clear what you are asking for.

    If you are looking for the Carribean, I can't recommend the Royalton Riviera in Mexico enough! We went there earlier this year and it was great. We will honeymoon in Aruba which is gorgeous too 

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