Buy men's summer suit now - out of season in UK?

Hi ladies

We are having a last-minute overseas wedding in January 2016 because my fiance's mother has terminal cancer (she lives in South America). My dad needs to buy a lightweight summer suit to wear at the wedding (it will be super hot summer there when we go), but obviously it's the wrong season here in the UK so the shops are full of winter clothes. Anyone know of any UK-based websites where he could order a summer suit now? He doesn't really want to have to buy one over there unless he has to, because when he flies out there will only be two days before the wedding so it's a bit of a rush!

My fiance is sorting his own suit out when he goes over there for two weeks in November but it might be difficult for him to get something for my dad without dad being there to choose and to try it on.

Any suggestions?

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