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Recommendations for bands in Umbria

Hi there, I'm getting married in Umbria next June 2016 and struggling to find a good band to play for the evening. We're looking for someone who can play a mix of jaxx/swing and some more contemporary music - anything to get people on the dance floor!

If anyone has good recommendations please send them my way -I'll be very grateful!

Thank you



  • MissesJ2BMissesJ2B Posts: 106

    Hi Emily, 

    I'm getting married in Umbria next September, and we have been looking at Guty & Simone ( but haven't booked yet. Apparently they have exceptional english and let you have contour of the playlist! 

    It would be really interesting to know who else you find! Where are you getting married? How's the planning going?

    Nikki x



  • MissesJ2BMissesJ2B Posts: 106

    Also, have you tried looking on ?

  • Hi Nikki - thanks for that.

    We asked Guty and Simone but they are busy unfortunately! I'll let you know of any others we come across. They do sound brilliant!

    We're getting married up in the mountains near Assisi. Planning going well thank you but the music is tricky, and hairdresser/makeup seem to be extortionate! Have you started looking into hair and makeup yet?

    Happy to share any other tips as I have them! 

    Emily x

  • Hi Emily

    We don't havew too much swing in our set (but we can learn) - but we are an Irish Folk band with lots of jigs and bouncy tunes to get people up and dancing!

    Do come by and have a look =)

  • MissesJ2BMissesJ2B Posts: 106


    Thats a shame about Guty & Simone, they look good! 

    I have had one quote for hair and make up, from someone based in Rome, but it came in at nearly €700 for mine and my bridesmaids, which seems like a lot, but I have read people talking on here about hair and makeup costs being a shock!

    I have a friend who lives nearby who is asking her local hairdresser for a quote, but I am a bit worried about them getting my vision, and having to spend the day translating between her and my bridesmaids as she doesn't speak english! Its something I have so far managed to avoid with our other suppliers, and think it could be a right hassle on the morning of the wedding!

    Are you hiring any furniture in, that has been our biggest problem so far. Doesn't seem to be like the UK where there are a lot of furniture hire companies!

  • R2R2 Posts: 18

    If either of you have any luck with hair and make up let me know…. I’m a 2016 Tuscany bride and really struggling!

  • I have a quote from Louise Faulker for hair and make up, she is Rome based, but willing to travel - check out her website

    Has anyone had any luck with bands yet?

    N x

  • Dear Emily,

    I can suggest an amazing band, very Professional: Quei Bravi Ragazzi:

    They are from Tuscany but they go all over Italy, and the singer Enzo speaks English.

    You will be sure your guests will dance !!

    We made an event this summer with them and it was a success !

    Do not hesitate to contact them from me.

    Good luck,

    Marlene - Il Pavone Bianco


  • Hello lovely Umbrian Brides, 

    I am really struggling to fid a florist, or at least one who will actually commit to doing my wedding, and give me a price and talk to me about what I want! Has anyone else found a florist? Any one you could recommend?



  • Guty and Simone!


    Absolutely great! Fabulous! Amazing!
    They played in our wedding. Guty & Simone can understand perfectly the atmosphere and chose each song considering this feeling. I gave an idea of the kind of song me and my wife liked and they created a perfectly play list.
    Very very pleased of the work of these two gently, kindly and talented gentlemen.
    In my opinion the best musician from Tuscany and the best choice! No regreats.


    go to this site :

    search for WONDERFUL BAND in this site. they're wonderful. simply wonderful


    good luck


  • For all your needs in terms of music for your wedding please contact us, we have 12 years experience and over 400 weddings all over Italy.

  • Hi,

    Check out this band incredibly esperienced( Any genre of music:jazz, swing, rock 'n roll, soul/motown classics, modern r&b/funk, disco/dance)

    We have performed across Italy( Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Como Lake, Venice, Taormina...) at over 30 weddings per year in the last 10 years. We played at English, Irish, Australian, U.S., New Zealand, Russian and Indian weddings.

    You won't be disappointed!!! 
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