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Same sex destination marriage?

Hi there, I'm hoping anyone can offer me some advice. My fiancée and I are thinking of a destination wedding in 2017. we would prefer it to be within 5 hours flying distance of the UK (due to my min being unable to fly long distance). Does anyone know which countries we could legally get married as a lesbian couple? I'm struggling to find information online about this so hoping with the amount of people on here someone could offer me some help :)


Thanks so much



  • I'm getting married in santorini  (greece) and pretty sure I saw the venue offers same sex marriages. I think Portugal Spain and France do too although i think in Spain would only be symbolic ceremony for non-spanish residents and having looked into getting wed in France previously they have certain rules about residing in country for certain amount of time before wedding; think it's a month. Might be worth googling specific countries and then looking at their marriage guidelines. Good luck! X


  • I'm getting married in Gibraltar, which is pretty much Spain in terms of climate, flight times but it's actually British so you can easily get legally married there, the same rules apply there as in the UK. The company I am using to plan my wedding caters for same sex couples, they are 

    Hope it helps

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