A Romantic Wedding On Lake Orta

Dear Brides,

Small, intimate lake Orta is without a doubt the most romantic lake in Italy.

Our agency is the only one located in Orta San Giulio.

Do not hesitate to look at our website www.ilpavonebianco.com,

our Facebook page www.facebook.com/ilpavonebiancoevents

We can help you organizing your dreamy wedding, always "elegantly different".

Good luck,

Marlene - Il Pavone Bianco




  • Lake Orta is undoubtedly a remarkable place for managing wedding ceremony and especially the calm climate is the gem, but besides all such arrangements a proper management is also necessary. I have personally attended a ceremony and was surprised about the planning and expertise of the professionals from Black Bride & Groom. Likewise if you are thinking to choose Lake Orta for your own place, do not forget to hire such expert hands. Thanks for the thread.

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