Budget for Italy wedding!

Hi al!

We recently got engaged and I am dreaming of a destination wedding in Italy! Our plan is currently:

- 50-60 guests (includes 8 children under 10 years old)

- private villa/small boutique hotel with accommodation for all guests for 2 nights (around 25 - 30 rooms) on the coast or lakefront

- civil ceremony 

- reception including aperitifs/meal/band or other music

- usual wedding extras i.e. Photographer for full day/ flowers/ decs and dress/ suit/ bridesmaid and groomsmen outfits etc


We want to pay for that, and guests pay for own flights... I wondered, has anyone done anything similar, or are you planning the same? Trying to gauge an idea of budget, of course it will depend on level of accomm etc but just wondering if anyones had something similar and would be happy to share their budget to give us a starting point! 

Planning for 2017 

All thoughts much appreciated, and if anyone has any personal recommendations would love to hear them! 



  • Hi Rachel220

    Your wedding ideas sound pretty much the same as what I had in Tuscany, Italy. Except mine wasn't on the coast but in the hills.

    We spent around £5k but only had 40 guests, so I'm guessing yours may cost a little more.  It was such great value for money and we are going back for a holiday this year.  I'd love to do it all again.

    I'm not sure if the wedding planner we used does lake or coastal weddings but it might be worth asking.

    www.hitchedinitaly.com  Best of luck x

  • Hi LoveShoes!


    Thanks very much for the guide... that sounds good, did you pay for accomm for all guests? I would like to offer to pay for something as it's expensive enough going to a wedding as it is let along paying for flights and hotels as well :) 

    I will check out the wedding planner, thanks! x

  • We didn't pay for the accommodation for our guests, Everyone seemed happy to pay for themselves and it wasn't really too expensive.  Most of our friends made a holiday out of it.  It was great because our wedding planner also organised activities for us.. so we went rafting in the river and wine tasting (not at the same time!) LOL



  • MetooMetoo Posts: 25

    Wow Fantastic. Have you got your wedding dress yet? How much do you intend on spending for the dress if you don't mind me asking? I figured a wonderful trip to a romantic city in Italy would have to be wearing a beautiful romantic dress. :)

  • Hi Metoo... no budget for the dress yet! I guess up to £1000... but not looked at prices yet only at pictures for inspiration lol XD 

  • Alex-Alex- Posts: 39

    Italy?! Oh wow. I would love to be your photographer. 


    I am a destination and kent based wedding photographer that travels anywhere to document and tell couple's stories. taking your own photographer makes it so much more personal to you and we can create some beautiful memories. Head over to my website to check out more work and pop me an email if you like it! :)www.alextentersphotography.co.uk


    Thanks so much, Alex 

  • Hi Rachel, we got married in Sorrento, it's was such great event... wouldn't be the same without this two ladies of White, they took care of every thing, just amazing... fair price!!! http://www.eventiwhite.com/ew/

    hope can help!




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    Congrats for your wedding, best wishes,

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  • Usually it varies from country to country. If you belong to european country then it will cost less compare to Asian Countries.

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