When did you pack your dress into it's suitcase/travel box?

Hi all,

I am getting married 3 weeks on Tuesday and have had my travel box delivered to me. We fly out on the 28th November. 

My bridal store recommended that I drop my box off at some point and they will make sure my dress is packed up for me to pick up on the Friday 27th. The first time I will be able to get it out of it's box to hang up will be just under 2 days after it was packed. 

I don't drive and I am struggling to find a way to be at the shop on the Friday morning as I have other stuff to do. They open until late on the Tuesday night and I was thinking of asking them to have it ready by then? But will 4 days be too long for it to be folded up in the box? The store said it would be best to pick it up as late as possible but as I said I am struggling for time and it would be better for me to go in on the Tuesday. I am worried about it being all creased though! But then I do have 2 and a bit days for it to hang up and the creases to drop out before the big day on the Tuesday...

Sorry for waffling, I was just wondering what everyone else was planning on doing/did do?

Thanks everyone :)

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