Where to start!!!

So here goes... I was hoping maybe someone could point me in the right direction or give me a few ideas on how to plan my wedding or where to start.

Here is what I know so far...

My budget is £4500
I want to say 'I do' on a beach in Cyprus
I want a BBQ at my reception, maybe with an Ocean view

How do I find the right hotel/villa to stay in? Can anyone recommend any?
Does anyone know any great venues?

Maybe i'm asking to much but its worth a shot :)

Thank You
Rebekah x


  • hi Rebekah, we got legally married in Scotland and are having our blessing in Estepona in spain in may 16. have a look at Rachel rose weddings - her site is beautiful and we cannot wait to have our blessing there. you can hire her magical villas/castle venues for a day or a week to suit most budgets. good luck x

  • Hi and congratulations 

    im getting married in greece the first thing I done was research wedding planners then I started to email (bombard) them with all my question 

    Then I booked my holiday and then choose my wedding planner

    good luck

  • Thank you Christina34 :) Could i be cheeky and ask how much it is costing you? 

  • What for yhe whole wedding plus holiday or just the planner?

  • Just to add if you don't use a travel agent for your wedding I'm sure your budget will cover it you can add as much or as little to your wedding as you want

  • Yes for the whole thing, i actually changed my mind and think im going for Greece at the holiday village. For me my partner and 3 kids for 10 days is £3120 then £800 for the actual wedding and £25 per head for the BBQ. Think its pretty decent x

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