Wedding abroad.....HELP!

Hi Everyone,

My partner and I got engaged last week. We have decided we would like to get married abroad, with just family and a small group of close friends. Prefereably in a private villa rather than a hotel.

We really have little idea as to where we would like to go, so I would really appreciate a few suggestions? Cyprus is the only country that we are not particulary keen on as we have attened two weddings there in the past two years.

We had a look at Italy and have completely fallen in love with it but would really like a few more choices.

Thanks in advance :) x


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    May be Slovenia? There is a nice small castle Tabor just for close people, or homestead Bizjak - if it is summer wedding then outdoor wedding by a nice small pond, and there is a place for wedding ceremony, or if it is villa - then a nice choice will be villa Bled (residence of the former president of Yugoslavia, Tito), it is by the lake Bled, there is a beautiful view on the lake and the castle over the rock. It is just few suggestions, that came to my mind immediately. It takes less than 2 hours to fly here. The prices also will please you.


    Castle Tabor


    Wedding in the yard of the castle


    Homestead Bizjak surrounded with mountains and with a nice cuisine


    Villa Bled park


    Villa Bled terrace



  • There are LOADS of gorgeous villas in Spain on the Costa Del Sol :) xx

  • Italy is gorgeous!  If you love it, you should just go for it.  We did and it was the best day ever.

    I highly recommend a Tuscan wedding, It's lovely because you've got the beach, mountains, vineyards and probably the best food and wine in the world.  I should know I sampled enough of them and managed to pile on a few pounds LOL.


    Let me know if you want my wedding planners details.. xx

  • Hi Claire,


    My be will be a nice idea to have  a romantic wedding in the Greek islands or into a real live castle in Greece. You can check with my wedding planner , we had an amazing wedding in Santorini. The name is Marryme in Greece and the site is . The name of our wedding planner is Olympia.


    You can see one of her weddings 



    Good luck with your search

  • Hi Claire,

    I've shot some gorgeous weddings in Portugal, Spain, Italy and France.

    From vineyards, to botanical gardens to a villa on Lake Como. There are so many amazing venues if you're planning a destination wedding. Feel free to take a look at some of the real destination weddings on my blog here, to see if you like any of the venues: 

    This gorgeous venue outside Barcelona is also incredible and perfect for an intimate wedding:

    Let me know if you need more help :-)


    [email protected]


  • Hi Claire, Congratulations on getting engaged!!
    I've recently just got engaged and looking for ideas on getting married abroad as well.

    I found a lovely one in Greece, its at the Holiday Village in Kos. 
    I priced it up for me my partner and 3 kids its costing £3120 for 10 nights all inclusive at the hotel plus flights.
    They do all different wedding packages but i think you get married on their beach, most people were saying there's cost around £800 for their package and this lady posted photos and the video of theirs and it was £530!!!  I cried watching her video, it just looks so perfect.
    They also do a BBQ for the reception and it is £25 per head. 

    Rebekah x

  • Hello,

    We are getting married in France next Summer, a little more closer to home as we have elderly guests travelling. Our place is also a private villa about 40 minutes from the coast.

    Maybe worth a look, don't know if they have any more dates available though

    Good luck and let us know where you end up booking,

    Marie x

  • Hello ! I'm Italia and I can say that Italy is definitely the right place :))!

    image image image image image

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