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Mexico wedding

We had our venue booked in the UK. But have pulled the plug. As we're getting so much stress from our 4 sets of parents and siblings. 

So we've decided to get married during our already booked honeymoon. Luckily they do weddings here. El dorado in Mexico. Has anyone got married here?

I just wanted to ask

What are the costs to get married for things like blood test, documentation checks and legal side of it? As Thomson give you the cost of the wedding package but can't really give you costs of much more until wedding is booked. As the wedding organiser sorts the rest out.

And what is there to do after the service? We have all inclusive meals, so we could have dinner. Then what...? I feel I would be at a loose end.

Anyone else got married in Mexico or el dorado?

Please help.   

Thanks, Kate. 


  • MrsDenbyMrsDenby Posts: 199

    hI katie

    after the meal we all went to the bar at the beach and danced the night away. we were lucky that there was also a band on that night and there was a great atmosphere. other guests at El Dorado and the staff were so lovely and made us feel so special. 

    We didn't pay extra for the meal, all included and we had a separate room attached to the grill restaurant.

    hair and make up was all done at the spa which is all on site and the concierge can make sure there is a gold buggy to take u there and bring u back to your room to get ready. There is also someone to help u get dressed if needed :) 

    Prices we paid in 2015

    blood test $250 per couple

    Justice of the peace $500

    Marriage license translation $180 (takes up to 3 months)


    maybe have a look at the website below which is ideas and prices for optional extras. Once you've decided which ones (if any!) you want you would let your wedding coordinator know and she will pop them onto your wedding spreadsheet. This can then be paid in full or you can pay a bit at a time before you travel. Our coordinator was Ana Maria Cruz and she was very helpful :) 




  • Thanks very much. That's a huge help. Thomson are asking for £502 for legal fees and blood test. Bit from the info I have read it looks like you pay it there? I don't want to pay it twice. There's a big difference between paying £502 here and $750 in Mexican money. It says you give cash to the doctor for blood test. Is that right?

    The marriage licencetranslation. Can you do this when you get back? Or do you have to do it there? Do they send it back home to you? Or is this something I need to get before I go?



    Sorry alot of questions 



  • MrsDenbyMrsDenby Posts: 199


    sorry i I forgot the link!! 

    Not sure why Thomson would ask for it now..? we had to pay the holiday cost plus £799 (approx) for the wedding package which included the wedding coordinator, aisle runner, venue location etc then everything else was payable to the wedding coordinator before travel x

    i think we did pay the doctor in cash... Can't remember though sorry :-/ hair and make up was paid for at the hotel when we checked out on the last day. 

    The marriage license translation was posted to us from Mexico (included in the $180) price. I think u can do it here instead but not sure on cost to translate As the certificate u receive is in Spanish. 


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