Italian or Hvar Wedding...HELP please

Hello everyone, 

Me and my partner have recently got engaged and are looking at possibly having a wedding aboard. I am feeling alittle overwhelmed with all the options. Its very exciting, but I am not sure where to begin... 

I was wondering if anyone else had got married in Italy? or Hvar? if so, could they give me some recommendations? Have people found it expensive? 

I visited Hvar last year and was blown away by its beauty, if anyone could suggest places here then that would be very helpful.

We would have around 60 guest joining us, I would like the location that is fairly easy for my guests to get to, not too long of a transfer and frequent flights from the UK. Hvar is a little tricky for getting to, which is why I was leaning towards Italy. 

I would like an outside wedding with beautiful scenery and views, possibly in a woods. I think I would personally prefer this to a hotel wedding. For catering I would like a laid back style, possibly a rustic oven baked pizzas, rather then a formal 3 course. 

We are thinking of getting married in 2017, just outside the main season. Either May or October time. So the weather is cooler and hopefully the prices would be cheaper.

If anyone can help, share their experiences or suggest other locations which they feel would be nice alternatives?

Would people suggest investing in a wedding planner? or have people managed to do it on their own?

Thankyou very much for everyones help :)



  • Hi Olivia


    I don't actually know where Hvar is but I got married in Italy and it was wonderful.  We were in the mountains in northern Tuscany and the views and scenery are spectacular.  The food was just delicious and we went for a relaxed dinner with antipasto, bruschetta, platters of pasta etc... and lots of carafes of wine to wash it all down. There are so many places in Italy which we viewed before the wedding, like rustic farmhouses and more formal villas. The Lucca area of Italy is particularly nice and has some nice surrounding areas like Montecarlo (wine region) and Bagni di Lucca (spa town).

    We did use a wedding planner.  The paperwork side of things is really complicated and she pretty much guided us through it all and she was also there on the day. She's an English girl called Lisa and her website is  Isabella, an Italian lady works with her too, super efficient!


    Good Luck.  PM if you need any more help.

  • GulnazGulnaz Posts: 20

    Hi Olivia,

    as an alternative, I'd like to offer wedding in Slovenia. There are lots of possibilities for outdoor wedding. Example of "rustik style" wedding you can see here

    This wedding took place in a Bizjak homestead surrounded with mountains and forests. Of course, you can choose any other location, it is just to see for you.

    our site in English is here:

    The weather in May and October is warm and very beautiful here.

    We support our couples 24/7.

    The flight takes less than 2 hours and reasonable prices here.


    Hi Olivia

    I'm Antonella from Italy.

    I could suggest you a lot of amazing spots here in the south. Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi offer incredible views and high quality services. If you like you could check our website and send me a pm to see our works


  • I really wanted to get married in Hvar but my fiancé wanted a UK wedding. I found a beach club that was a breath taking venue and always found Croatia to be very reasonably priced. I think while Italy is very popular now, you are ahead of the trend with Hvar and should look there 

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