Minimalist wedding for witnesses!

My fiance and I have thought that actually we want NO fuss at all and would like to get married abroad just the two of us and come back to the UK to celebrate with family and friends. 

We love our "non-commercial" destinations and were wondering where other people would recommend getting married around the world that is personal and maybe a little different or very beautiful, but not soo difficult logistically.

We booked a couple of weeks (for a holiday) in Goa and thought..."what the hey...let's get married whilst there", but sadly need to be there for a month beforehand therefore it won't happen. 

What have people experienced? Baring in mind we are happy for a small and personal, non extravagant affair :-) 

Thank you in advance


  • Hi Alma

    If you are looking for something quiet for just the 2 of you, have you thought about Thailand.  You would need to be 1 week before your ceremony.  You could have a lovely sunset wedding on the beach with a private dinner after.

    Kind regards


  • AlmaAlma Posts: 5

    That's definitely a possibility, we have thought about going to the far east for a honeymoon so that may tick the box 

  • GulnazGulnaz Posts: 20

    Hi Alma,

    I'm a local wedding planner in Slovenia. We make weddings for foreigners and support our couples 24/7, so you won't notice that your wedding was organized in a distance.

    I'd like to offer you a small castle Tabor which is just ideal for 4 people. Wedding can take place inside of a small tower of castle.


    look from outside



    Here on pictures it is without any decorations

    If you wish count and countess will meet you at the entrance to the castle.

    Wedding banquet can take place also here in a restaurant, outside or in a small wine cellar.

    The castle is situated over Lasko town and there is beatiful view.


    Tabor Castle

    The other choice is castle Strmol. The Strmol Castle reigns over a romantic little lake on the outskirts of the Mansion Hill, not far from Ljubljana’s international airport. Renowned for its beautiful park, it ranks among the oldest and best preserved castles in Slovenia. There is also a restaurant and you can choose among 11 places for your banquet. And it also offers rooms.


    Strmol castle

    For more information



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