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Snow wedding in Finland

Hi All,

I am new here and new bride to be :) i have just booked for 12 of us to go to the snow village in Finland with an acton packed adventure wedding holiday. I have had all the invite made into passports and boarding passes as RSVP's however i am just finsihing working on the itinerary for everyone so they know what is happening but i have come stuck on the part of 'how do you ask friends and family for a contribution towards the holiday' its going to cost around £1000 pp and i am more than happy to pay but am counting on people to contribute towards the trip as not fair they get a free fun holiday just because, i would be over the moon if people paid the full amount or even over half.

so really i am looking for a wording that asks nicely and not rude if that makes sense :)

thanks everyone.


  • Why would you pay for them anyway? Surely you would send the invite like normal, then they would decide whether they want to come or not knowing that it would be costing circa £1000?

  • I just assumed I had to pay for them to come lol be nice if everyone would pay. 

  • MetooMetoo Posts: 25

    Charlotte200, no no no!! That's unheard of, paying for your guests' trip! I'm with MrstSobe4 why would you pay for them?? Send the invites as normal with the venue and Region, flights etc and they can RSVP by the date you want and if they can't make it then and can't pay then they're not really good friends! You're already paying for the venue, food and whatever else you are paying for! Be smart about it and think carefully about what you are doing.!!

    Write down on the Invites that the wedding will take place in Finland, costs are 1000k pp plus rooms.

    INVITES: Charlotte200 & HTB would like to invite ______ & ______ to our Wedding to be held in Finland at ___________ Village. We would love that you can join us on this joyous occassion. 

    Total cost PP is 1000k.

    Please RSVP by ______Date

    Something like that. If they're you good friends then they'll be more than happy to pay their own flights and join you. 


  • UweUwe Posts: 1

    Ouch, 1000 pounds, i assume that does not make sense to let you afford the trip cost. You can send them invitations, then it's all their stuff. Hope you can have a good trip in Finland. And i'd welcome you to take a trip to Zürich if you have time. All the best.

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