I need help

Hi all

me and my partner are looking to plan a wedding in may 2017 we would like to have a beach wedding not too fussy on location happy with greece cyprus spain etc with a very small budget around £3000

We are finding it hard to get a whole price for :

flight and stay pp 

actual wedding 

reception with meal for around 40 guests

does anyone know where I can go for this 

as I dont want to go through thomas cook or thompson


thank you 


omari & abbi



  • Hello Omari

    That's a good question but please be more specific regarding your requirements.

    First of all where do you intent to get married and how many guests would you like to invite?

    What is your budget approximately in total?

    What I can suggest is to get marry in a villa where you can combine a small intimate ceremony and holidays. You can go directly to the wedding villas' owners who may provide you with all inclusive packages, accommodation, wedding reception, car rentals and some other services, in very low prices. The flights are excluded.

    You can have a look at this site where you can have a look at the two magnificent villas that are in Paphos-Cyprus. https://www.weddingcyprusvillas.com/

    Regards Maria

  • omariomari Posts: 8

    hi Maria 

    we don't have a total budget as such we just would prefer to keep the costs down wherever possible I would say roughly £3000 and around 40 guests 

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    £3000 for everyone to travel and stay? Or do you mean £3000 just for you and h2b flights/accommodation and the wedding reception for 40 guests?

  • Hi,  


    Try Marryme in Greece for your wedding in Greece. check http://www.marryme.com.gr 


  • omariomari Posts: 8

    no all guests would be paying for their own flight and accommodation 

  • Hi Omar

    Well that’s great. Panorama Wedding Cyprus Villas can offer you an all-inclusive wedding package for the price of approximately £3,300.

    For more details about the exclusive wedding packages they offer please visit the specific section in the website: https://www.weddingcyprusvillas.com/panorama-exclusive-wedding-package/.

    Combine, both luxury villas Panorama and Oceania can sleep up to 31 guests but it can be extended to sleep the 40 guests that you will have. In the high season, the price for the accommodation for 7 days will be approximately for each guest £240.

    I believe this is a good price for you and your guests and for having a better price you can customize your own wedding regarding your needs. For more information and details regarding the villas, the packages and to ask for the price, email directly the owners at [email protected] and put down as a reference the forum, for a special discount.

  • It might be cheaper to find a wedding planner then book your holiday the wedding planners can also help advice on what sort of hotel would suit your needs 


  • Raksha92Raksha92 Posts: 215 New bride

    If you are interested in Cyprus try contacting All Brides on Board. They are so helpful, they gave us loads of packages based on our criteria and then as we finalised what time of wedding we wanted they send us a package for the perfect location for us. 

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