No gifts from grooms family or guests

Hey, we recently had our wedding in Cape town south Africa as my husband was born there and his family/relatives live there. All my family lives in the UK and 20 flew over to be there. In all there were about 12 people from south Africa that turned up. His parents contributed to nothing for the wedding. Me and my husband saved up for about 2 years and we ended up paying %80 of the wedding, my parents %20. All in all it cost £12,000. His parents didn't even get us a wedding card, didn't even pay for us for any meals, my groom paid for their hotel room as they didn't even book the night. am I wrong in thinking it's out of order as we kind of had the wedding there so they could make it? Is it wrong in thinking they could have at least got us a card? He even paid for his dad's suit. Bear in mind his mum don't work and his dad earns more than the average in south Africa. Thanks in advance. I know my husband is quite upset about this too but don't want to talk about it. BTW it was an amazing wedding and couldn't have turned out any better. 


  • Sorry I'm not trying to upset you in any way but wouldn't it have been best to express the issues with the groom's parents at the time. Now everything is done and dusted it would just cause upset to bring it up again.

    Yes I do agree it seems like you were very accomodating by having it in a location that suited them. Maybe they have some financial issues that they haven't shared with you. It does seem a bit much that you paid for hotel and the suit. We are paying for our parents rooms but they are contributing a third of the cost each.

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