Wedding band in Italy

HI! I am due to get married in August 2016 just north of Rome. I'm finding it impossible to find a good band!! Would anyone have some suggestions? We'd love a band of 5/6 people, contemporary music with some swing classics. Any recommendations?  


  • Hi, 

    Im getting married in Umbria, on the Lazio boarder next September and have found to be a god send when looking for suppliers! We were really struggling, but found a few bands we liked and there was a lot of swing on there so you should find something! If you don't speak Italian it takes a fair bit of Google Translating, but we found our band on there! I would also google the Irish bars in Rome as they have a lot of live music and will have bands who speak good english. 

    Where are you getting married, how are the plans going?!


  • Found that site and found the button to make it English too. Yipee.  :)

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