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Has anyone had their reception at relais blu or planning it for the near future? We have our reception there in July 2016 and just wondered what people tend to do after the meal in terms of music and dancing. The 2 options seem to be either really low level music (we don't have exclusive use of the venue-just one of the terraces) or book somewhere else back in town for more drinks,music and dancing. Just not sure what would be best (we have approx 25 guests)


  • Hi Heather, I'm getting married in Sorrento and had the same concerns as you but we decided to go ahead with Relais Blu :) They either allow for music which can be played through speakers via an iPod or they also do allow for a non-amplified musicians so we've actually booked an acoustic band to play there on the evening which we are really pleased with! I hope this helps.

  • Thanks for your reply Marie, that's great to hear-our wedding planner thinks the iPod hooked up to speakers might not be allowed (we're waiting for her to confirm) so glad to hear it should be ok. Are you doing dancing around the pool? Would you mind letting me know the details of your band? Are they local and how much approx? X

  • HI,


    We are thinking of going here for lunch after the ceremony and then back into Sorrento in the evening. I am not really sure what the journey is like to and from Relais Blu and whether it would be too hot to travel far on a mini bus in the middle of August.

    It does look stunning! x

  • Heather50Heather50 Posts: 121 New bride

    Hi helen, the journey is about 20-30 mins. Our package includes the minibus from cloisters and then back at night so hoping it's ok! x

  • Hi Heather

    Sorry for taking so long to reply.

    My wedding planner actually found the band and have recommended them - they are costing approximately £700-800 to play for about 4 hours - it might seem quite a lot but it will definitely be worth it and make such a difference to the evening! The band are local I believe and yes it'll be around the pool area.

    My wedding planner has confirmed that it will be ok and has spoken to Relais Blu and as acoustic band will fit in with the tone at Relais Blu it won't be a problem at all. It's just that having a 'party type DJ' wouldn't really fit the tone if you don't have exclusive use.

    Happy to send the details of the band if you like?

  • Heather50Heather50 Posts: 121 New bride

    Thanks for the info Marie! Yes please send me the details and I'll look into it. What times are they playing? We arrive at rb at 6.30pm and the bus back is 12 so are you having them after the meal?xx

  • Hannah257Hannah257 Posts: 12

    Hi all,

    sorry to jump on the convo with little to add but we're also looking to get married at Relais Blu early next year. We're going out to visit this July before we book.


    funnily enough a friend of mine attended a wedding there last year and commented that after dinner it never "got going" due to lack of music and dancing etc. She also men there was no proper bar area; so it was just bot in ice buckets and you helped yourself then paid someone.... Seems very odd and I'd definitely want to check out how this works later on.

    would love to also get the details of your band if you're happy to share?

    have you taken a trip over there? 



    Hannah x

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