Struggling with a French venue! HELP!

Hi everyone,

I've been searching none stop for the perfect venue in France and I'm struggling to find anything! the majority of venues I have contacted all require a minimum of 3 nights which blows my budget straight away!

I'm trying to find a chateau that can accommodate 30-40 guests. Dates are not set in stone! So there is lots of movement but no one seems to want to help me and it's making me sad lol.

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a venue or wedding planner to me that can help.

Any advice would be appreciated!


H x


  • Hi,


    We seem to be having exactly the same problem.

    It's so hard to get the right person to talk to or the right advice. Most of the ones we have seen is going to cost at least £5000 for the few nights.

    I've started to search on Ebay for accommodation and emailing people to see if they can accommodate a wedding.


  • marie-3marie-3 Posts: 24


    We are getting married at a beautiful venue in France but within our budget.

    Be a good idea to give an idea of what budget you are looking to spend then am sure people can help.

    Marie -x-

  • Hi ladies,

    I make wedding cakes in France and get to visit lots of different venues. 

    One I came across last year was Le Moulin de Grolhier in the Dordogne it is a really pretty Gite complex that you can really make your own.

    Not far from Bergerac or Limoges airports, has lots of accommodation and games room and pool area.

    I know you will have to hire for say 3 days but my last bride there divided up the cost of the hire between the guests staying on site. Which meant the guest thought they had a bargain and did not have the hassle of trying to find somewhere to stay and making a booking in french.

    I think the owners are english as well. 

    this is the web site

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    Hi, ladies


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  • Hi 

    I'm struggling too. I need somewhere that doesn't include accommodation as OH doesn't want to share with our guests. Everywhere I have looked at the accommodation aspect  more than the wedding itself. 

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