Cyprus Wedding 2017

Hi everyone,

Me and my Fiance are finally looking at setting a date for our wedding and we're looking at next year somewhere abroad. Cyprus seems to be a really popular destination and looks stunning however neither of us have been before so wondering if any of you have any advice or recommendations.

We are wanting somewhere in a family friendly resort and to either marry within the hotel (family friendly all inclusive preferrably) or on the beach if possible? We want everything really realxed nothing formal prehaps just a bbq reception?

Any info/help is much appreciated thanks xxx


  • hi, congratulations , were booked in for may 2017 at Aphrodite beach venue, its fab , bbq buffet and also a venue were you can take people away from the hotel , 

    am in the middle now of trying to find accommodation for all my guests and also some entertainment for the evening , 

    its hard trying to find the right band/duo and not knowing what there like , 

    good luck on your search , i hope you find your perfect venue 

    joanna x


  • Who have you booked with and do you mind me asking how much it is costing you?? 

    Thanks for replying xx

  • Raksha92Raksha92 Posts: 215 New bride

    We used All Brides on Board for our wedding planning. That are great and and I would highly recommend. We are getting married at the Galu Seaside in Larnaca.

    Have a look at my planning thread for more info or PM me.

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