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Portugal wedding 2017

Hi Everyone,


My Fiancé and I are planning to get married in Portugal,  May 2017. However we are only starting the whole planning stage now.  We would love a quinta located close to Albuferia / Faro area, but are open to suggestions.  We estimate 80 guests for attendance. We would love our ceremony held in a chapel which would be in close proximity to the quinta so that our quests do not have far to travel. We would like the reception itself to take place in the quinta.

Is there any one out there that can recommend a quinta which ticks any of these boxes?  We are looking a rustic / vintage theme with lots of fairy lights and tea lights etc.

All advise welcome.




  • Hi Emma.

    Have you manged to find what youre looking for? Im planning on getting married in 2018 in Portugal and starting from scratch now. Its a little scary 

    Hope its all going to plan x

  • helen253helen253 Posts: 2

    Guys you really need to get in touch with Sonho a Dois - Algarve wedding planners.

    They arranged my wedding in 10 months, I got married just outside Vilamoura last week and had the best day ever.

    They have so many different locations they can show you that I'm sure will match what you are looking for.

    It was the best decision I made working with those guys  

  • Hi, My Fiancé and I are getting in Lisbon, Portugal 2017. We are having a Catholic ceremony. Can anyone advise me as to how long we need to be in Portugal before we get married In order for it to be legal in the catholic church? 


  • Hi Meghan Louise ,

    The planning takes a lot of time and goes quite slow to begin with. But once we found our venue everything else started to fall into place 😬

    How is you wedding plans going? Did you get a wedding planner or are you organising it yourself? 

  • Hi Helen253, 

    We have most of our wedding planned at this stage, we are just down to confirming a band and sorting out the legal side of it. By any chance do you know how long you have to be in Portugal before you get married? ( for a catholic ceremony) 


  • Katy74Katy74 Posts: 4

    Hi @Emma421& @MeganLouise

    Congratulations both on your upcoming weddings in Portugal!

    After planning my own wedding on the Algarve I realised how hard it was to get the finer details right, knowing where to source things, and struggling to transport all the personalised little touches..... I'm now splitting my time between the UK & Portugal and am looking at offering this service, helping brides as little or as much as they want to add the special finishing touches to their special days, exploiting my contacts and local knowledge of the area. So far this has included making batches of vodka gummy bears as favours and hand painting signs for the beach to name just a few!

    Before I decide to bite the bullet and go for it properly I was looking for some feedback - do you think that this a service that you would consider using when planning your wedding abroad if you came across it while googling?

    I really hope you can provide some feedback - & if you have any ideas you want to discuss that would be even better!

    K x

  • Hi Emma,

    If you're looking for a perfect place for your wedding recommend you There you can perfectly match the place to meet your requirements



  • We got married in Portugal earlier in 2017. With regard to entertainment, I can recommend a band called Cloud Nine, who are based in Algarve but they were more than happy to travel to our wedding near to Coimbra. The dance floor was packed all night!

    Good luck :)

  • Hi janet 


    im also getting married in Portugal algarve May 19 and looking for a wedding band. We live in Scotland and would love a band that can play some teauchtar tunes. Any idea? 


    Thank you

  • WARNING to any potential people wanting to do business with katerouse at FineDininginstyle In the algarve. I don't want anyone to be scammed so I'm posting what I have experienced. I Paid 5k deposit for my event over 18 months in advance. I had two meetings with the MD kathryn rouse to discuss details. Second meeting she said her PA (who had taken notes) had left so she had no recollection of our initial consultation and could we start again. This unprofessional attitude was compounded further but her lack of communication when organising quotes.  it soon became clear (August 2017) that something wasn't right So I asked for my deposit to be returned. Kate said month end, then couldn't because away for husbands 60th in Uk.  She started to make excuses all the time and I began to worry. I requested my money back with a deadline and was fair. This deadline came and went and I threatened lawyers as I was under contract and within the cancellation policy. Fine Dining in Style also trading under Inspirations algarve have refused to return my deposit and not honoured the contract. She NOW says company ceased trading in jan 2017 and she has NO obligation. DO NOT use them unless you want to be scammed. I can't express my disappoint enough and lawyers are involved. i am writing as she is still enticing new business. Please be careful and AVOID.

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