Cyrpus Wedding Planners


Can anyone recommend a wedding planner in Cyprus please? I have been in touch with a few and their prices seem to vary so would be helpful if anyone has any recommendations of who they have used and what the service was like etc?

Thanks xx


  • There are a few Cyprus pages on Facebook called Cyprus brides to be and Cyprus brides to be chat. Both are a wealth of info regarding planner venues suppliers.  both current and past brides post on there and you will get lots of ideas advice and reviews for every aspect of your wedding 


  • Thanks but I'm not on Facebook!

  • Never mind. Good luck with your planning. 

  • Hi Miss G2MrsG

    I have sent you a pm xx

  • Hiya iv been speaking to a couple of planners out there and have been very helpful...

    Simply cyprus weddings




    It's just who to go with and book because it's all been through email and I don't really know them as a company if you get me?

    Kelly x

  • Hiya Did you find a wedding planner in the end as I am looking to also get recommendations of planners in Cyprus?


    Thanks x

  • Hi what part of cyprus are you getting married? I am getting married in ayia napa next year and have booked everything direct with hotel who hsve a wedding planner at no extra cost! Might be worth seeing if this id the case were u are getting married could help reduce ur costs xxxx

  • I can recomed you a site We foud on it a videographer, but you can ask about planners in Cyprus.

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